Monday, 20 October 2014

Nae Doonside to McCallum's Victory.

The Doonbank Trofee- Ayr Roads Cycling Club-October 19th 2014.

Words: John McComisky.
Pictures: Nicola Johnson.

With the first two rounds of the Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series already in the can, Cyclocross racers in Scotland braved the eye of a storm to head down to the first ever running of the Belgian themed Doonbank Trofee held in the grounds and the playing fields of Wellington School in Alloway Ayrshire.

Chris Johnson and the team at Ayr Roads Cycling Club, had worked very hard to bring a non series race to the area, with vibrant social media and a great pre event document giving all the entered competitors a flavour for a new venue and a new promotion.

Although the last couple of series events boasted huge entries, there was some disappointment in the pick up from the event, but there was still a good smattering of big names using the event as a pre race warm up for next weekends Irvine Beach extravaganza.
We have been blessed by the last few dry races, but the challenging parcour with searing elevation and adverse camber was not going to be the only thing riders had to contend with.

Schlamm, modder, slurry or just plain old mud were going to the main factors in drain the legs and lungs, as well as tempestuous flailing cross and headwinds.

There was some talk of combining categories, but the organisers stuck to the programme and put on an event that promises some great potential, not only as a non series event, but with some tweaking and development a possible series event to move the sport forward in the Ayrshire area.

The main Senior saved the worst of the weather for all the bold and the brave to contend with a heavy course and a full sixty minutes of of racing being the main of the day.

James McCallum made his return to the cross scene up here with an eye to find some legs for the upcoming Irvine race, and now sporting a fetching POC-Rapha garb certainly brightened up the proceedings with the first charge to the bomb hole and tarmac section. In close company and a very welcome returnee to the scene, Neil Walker (Walkers Cycling), laid out his intentions early and stuck with the seasoned pro as the field quickly spread out on the first lap.

James was able to stretch a small gap from Walker and an impressive Barry Wilson, before the mistress of cross started throwing proverbial spanners into the works.

The claggy course was necessitating bike changes for a lot of the lead riders, and Walker was forced to pit after rolling a tub, McCallum was having his own woes too, with having to ride a borrowed bike while his main bike was unclogged. The spirit of cross was very evident during all this mechanical meltdown with fellow riders and mechanics all pitching in to keep the racers in the race for the duration.

Towards the end of the race the skies turned as black as the Earl of Hell's waistcoat, and this played very well into the hands of Brian McCardle (EKRC), who was in skull crushing form.
Brian has been shaking things up this year at the sharp end of the Senior class, and although McCallum held it all together at the sodden end, Brian was cutting a fine line in chasing down the colourful victor on the day with Wilson in very close attendance.

At race end McCallum, now fully dried out had this to say “ That was certainly a tough day out, the course had a lot of interesting features, we got some mud and hellish weather, but that should not detract from a lot of effort Chris (Johnson) and the Ayr club have done to put this race on. These races have a lot of potential and as a fellow organiser (Hallocross), I expected more participants on the day, but they simply missed out on a proper cross workout, it puts me in good shape for Irvine next week when all the regular series lads are back”

In the Veteran Forty class, the main protagonists all made the trip Doonside, and although the course was now beginning to cut and rut up, the main players were still at the helm of the race. Stevie Jackon (Glasgow United) started off as ever full guns blazing to start stretching Gary McCrae( Leslie Bikes/Bikers Boutique) as well as a poorly gridded James Melville (Glasgow United).
Jackson was further aided in his cause when McCrae had a mechanical at the “Beechers Brook” run and jump section, and was able to pull a further gap on the now motoring McCrae.
Melville too was bringing a race to his teamster, but as is often the case in Forty class, McCrae was able to crack first Jackson and then Melville wide open on the last climb to the mini Koppenberg adverse section of the course and drive home an advantage the the chequered flag. These guys along with the likes of Porco and Nally are sure to put on a feisty race in the dunes of Irvine next week if the effort at the Trofee is anything to go by.

The Veteran Fifty class saw another strong race ride from Brenden Roe ( LeslieBikes/Bikers Boutique), who was very at home on the more traditional and arduous terrain of the venue, despite early attention of Alistair Dow (Ronde) and an on form Graeme Short (Team Thomsons), he was well clear from Ian Robson (Ipswich BC) and soon snapping at the heels of the top Junior riders in the shape of Pearce Somerfield (Team Thomsons) and Hardie Bikes Conner Nally. Junior Nally came out on top of that particular tussle on the day..

Mixed in on the day were the Senior and Veteran Women, and the Doonbank event saw a controlled performance from Jane Barr (Velocity 44) who took command early on to score her first ever cross win, Barr who will contest all the remaining Scottish races, is another classy road racer to take up the challenge of Cyclocross, and is a welcome addition to the popular female class. A good strong ride from Katie Carmicheal (Hervelo) and Jo Baxter from the organising Ayr club completed the women's podium on the day.

The full results from Mark Young and his team are available here.

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Words; John McComisky
Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series Round Two.

After all the fervour and success of last weekend's Falkirk race, the Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series moved westward to the the second round held in the parkland and gravelly trails of Strathclyde Park.
The event organisers at the East Kilbride Road Club, have modified the course over the last few years to accommodate the larger entries that cross is now experiencing, as well as adding some technical features with rooty adverse camber and every conceivable change of surface to challenge the great and the good of the sport.

With a healthy three hundred and fifty odd competitors signed on swiftly the race card would go very much to plan. The organisers, should be credited with having to deal with errant dog walkers on the morning of the race, as well as a few nasty prangs, the biggest of which involved a curious deer, who hoofed it's way onto the course and collected a rider in the process, a first and hopefully a last for Scottish Cyclocross.

The main Ridley Senior race saw last weeks victor Rab Wardell (Orange Monkey Pro Team) take to the grid, but he was without the likes of David Lines and James McCallum, both of whom had prior commitments at home and abroad. He would however have a bunch of young Scottish development talent more than able to roll him for his dough, and the seasoned Senior hordes who circulate the lowers steps of podiums and who will gasp and grab any opportunity of a win.

From the arena and start area, the clunk and scream of the omnipresent helter skelter and funfair gave way to the crack of the gun and Senior race blasted out into the lower end of the circuit. Wardell was soon grabbing the race by the throat, and had dispensed with the attentions of a very impressive Mark McGuire (, Callum MacGowan (Alpine Bikes) and Steven Halsall (VC Moulin)

With the gap stretching out to fifteen seconds, the gurgling chat at the Railway Bridge run and ride up, was all about who would be finishing second, but by lap three Wardell seemed to be in some distress, and it was clear he had hit the deck smashing his shifter.

With now only two gears and no front disc brake, the character of the race looked set to change. Change it did, and for the better with regard to Wardell, he set about blowing the race apart and was soon gapping the field by over a minute.

McGuire who had been riding gamely, also had an altercation in the woodland section but was back on it battered and bloodied, but by race end he along with the rest of the young team had to give best to Halsall, a rider who is one of the most technically gifted riders in the sport up here, and simply revels in the ruts and roots of more traditional courses. The final step of the podium went to MacGowan, the young rider, has shown well in the first two Ridley events this season, and is one to look out for future success.

At race end Wardell had this to say about victory number two “There is never an easy Cyclocross race, it throws every variable at you, wether you are at the front or the back. After my crash, I just figured on getting the head down, I was getting good split information, and it worked, I don't know how the race would have went if Davie (Lines) and James (McCallum) has been in there, but am sure they will be back to keep me company at Irvine”.And quizzed on his plans for the year “I am hoping to fit as many cross races in this year, I will be away at the end of the year to Paris for track coaching, so will miss events, but I really do love getting up on a Sunday and heading to a race, the sport is growing here, there are more and more spectators staying on to watch the action, and it is a good scene, I think it is time I tried to get over to Belgium” he quipped.

The Veteran class is the biggest supported class we have here in Scotland, and the battle for even a series point further down the ranks, is of as much interest to the onlooker as the sharp end of the race itself.
Gary McCrae (Leslie Bikes/Bikers Boutique) was the man with the target on his back after drawing first blood on the plains of Callendar Park the week previous, but as the grid was forming amid the overhanging smell of frite fat wafting and hanging across the grid, he was well aware that the Glasgow United and it's three amigos James Melville, Hans Forhaug and Stevie Jackson would be cooking up a plan for him when the gun was triggered.
From the off, there was chaos at the bottom corner with McCrae entangled in a mess of riders, with this the United “Wrecking Ball” swung into action, and before long this trio had smashed down the ramparts of the race.

Jackson so often the nearly man of the Veteran class, was in powerful leg ripping form, and his Swedish Shadow Forhaug was more than happy to keep the pace high alongside him. Melville had to make do with consolidating third place, and despite a gutsy ride from McCrae, to charge back through the traffic, he was going to have to re-group for the sand dunes of Irvine beach in a couple of weeks time.
Off the podium but a spirited ride came in the shape of Colin Bain, the home club East Kilbride rider further changing the shape of the top positions in fifth place, and adding a new rider to watch for a possible podium in later events.

Onward to the Veteran Fifty Class and first round winner Brenden Roe (Leslie Bikes/Bikers Boutique) had the fastest pit crew in Scotland in the shape of British Women's Circuit Race Champion Eileen Roe who despite recovering from a bout of illness was on hand to keep her father on the right track, and also to keep an eye on her bike which he is using to great effect.
The classic motorcycle loving Fifer was trully revved up for this weeks race, and despite being run close the previous week, was soon ploughing his own furrow in the glore and leafy glades of the Strathclyde venue. In his wake came a strong ride from Malcolm Dunlop (VC Edinburgh) who continues to go about the job of trying to wrestle a race win out of the series. New to the Veteran Fifty this year Mark Barnett (Leslie Bikes/Bikers Boutique) scored a first podium of the year in third, and is sure to be a proverbial thorn in the side of the main players, Mark has won at Scottish as well as British level in mountain bke racing, and used this experience to good use in the more natural setting of the venue
The Women of Scottish Cross never fail to put on a fine show in the Ridley Series, and the scene was further bolstered by the addition of Jane Barr (Velocity44) and the return of Isla Short (Team Thomsons) who both joined the proceedings for the first time this year, the pairing would have an on form Anne Ewing (WV Breda), Kerry McPhee (Rock and Road) as well as 2013 Series overall winner Maddy Robinson (VC Moulin) to deal with however, and it was going to be a sort out for even a podium position.
The early laps saw the cruel mistress that is Cyclocross, deal a deflating blow to Ewing though who was out of the running with a puncture. Up front there was a cracking battle between Robinson and McPhee, with this pairing knocking lumps out of each other for the race win. Robinson showed that she is well and trully back on form after her energy sapping ride at the Three Peaks earlier in the year, and was able to ride Kerry off her wheel for her first win of the year. The diminutive Short had to make do with the final step on the podium, but is sure to take a race to the girls as the series unfolds and can never be discounted.
The Veteran Female class again saw a strong performance from Sian Tovey (Dooleys Cycles), who looks like she is going to be a tough skull to crack this year, and proved it again by rattling to her second win of the year.

The youthful exuberance of the Junior class, again saw the boys ride off the front of the eighty strong field, and control proceedings for the duration of the race. Where most of the entry were off and running, these guys are blasting up the climbs, carving out the turns as well descending with fullgas. You always have to double take at the lap times of these firebrands who are more than capable of taking a race to the Senior men. At the flag Pierce Somerville proved victorious on the day from Hardie Bikes rider Conner Nally.

While we are on the subject of young talent showing a strong presence in Scottish Cyclocross, a vote for rider of the day, should go to ConnerJohnstone (Leslie bike/Bikers Boutique), this lad is no quitter, and despite having to deal with punctures, a bike change and having to ride himself back into the race from sixth place only to puncture again on the run to the line, managed to snatch a fine win in the Youth Class, possibly his hardest day in the saddle to date.

The Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series now takes a couple of weeks out before we head to Irvine and the nearest we get to Koksijde or Joksijde as the Cross fraternity name it up here. If you want to be part of the Dune race organised by Neil Walker and Walkers Cycling mob, you can get an entry here:

If however the last couple of lung burning series cross races have now, still got you wanting more of the same, the Doonbank Trofee, superbly promoted by the Ayr Roads Club have a new to the fixture list non series event this coming weekend details here,

These non series are the future of the sport up here, and need supporting.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Strathclyde Park Cross - Results

Results by myeventiming
U8s , U10s, U12s
Youths, Juniors, Women, Senior Men, Veteran Men

Results split by category for each race can be viewed on the "Results by category" tab. Create a free MYLaps account for more race data. Any queries on results should be directed to Mark Young by email - click here.

Many thanks to East Kilbride Road Club and helpers for a great day of racing in Strathclyde Country Park and also our series sponsors - Ridley, Lazer and Madison.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

DoonBank Trofee

Aye Roads CC have released the race handbook for this year's D'Bank Trofee. Click here to gain access to this season's most comprehensive race handbook.

Click here to enter online.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Ridley Bikes Scottish Cyclocross Series - Round One

Words: John McComisky
Images :Martin Young

Round One of the Ridley Bikes Scottish Cyclocross Series visited the autumnal and picturesque setting of Callendar Park in Falkirk yesterday for what promises to be a record breaking season. 

Event organisers Franco Porco and a David Lines, as well as a strong support team put on an incredibly fast and exciting course, with many additions to the previous years event which featured switchbacks and drops, swoops and slick turns taking in the natural landscape of the Falkirk venue.

These features were mated with a new development for 2014 - the Ridley Bikes Steps, which offered the riders the choice of running or in some cases riding the feature. Before the racing had even started in earnest, the organisers were proud to announce that a record breaking field 469 riders, 89 of them Female, had signed up for a Scottish Series event.

The course held up well despite some overnight rain, and the scene was set for a fantastic day of racing at a venue that is more than capable of putting on National Trophy and perhaps even international events in the future.

In the Senior event, World Cup mountain biker Rab Wardell (Orange Monkey Pro Team) was soon at the thick end of the proceedings, along with event organiser Lines (Starley Primal), this pairing put the hammer down early on to shake off the attentions of an impressive Jack Ravenscroft (Thomsons Cycles) and a fast starting Callum MacGowan (Alpine Bikes). The full out riding of Wardell and Lines looked set to go down to a sprint finish in the sixty minute race until Lines un-shipped his chain on one of the many technical features and and despite raucous support from his home crowd, was unable to make inroads into the gap to on-form Wardell.

Behind all this drama Ravenscroft secured the last step of the podium despite a mid-race collision and one postition further back, it was solid return to cyclocross for Commonwealth Games rider James McCallum (NFTO Pro Cycling) in fourth.

The Veteran 40-49 class had the strongest field of the day with one hundred and ten riders taking to the grid, which included reigning Ridley Bike Series winner Colin May, who has moved up a category after winning Seniors last year to take on the might of Gary McCrae, John McCaffery, Alan Lamont and event co-organiser Franco Porco (Leslie Bike Sjop/ Bikers Boutique).

From the crowded and manic start, McCrae soon dispensed with the attentions of May and Glasgow United's wrecking crew of James Melville, Hans Forhaug and Stevie Jackson, and set into a race pace that saw him lap almost half the field before the chequered flag. Twenty seconds back in second was an impressive Colin May who divides his time between cycling and driving one of Edinburgh's trams, and a strong ride from Forhaug who was top United rider on the day.

The Veteran 50+ / Women/Junior race which is run as a split category saw Brenden Roe (Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique) have to work hard after a fall to see off the attentions of Alastair Dow (Ronde) who really took the race to the reigning Scottish Champion, and an impressive ride from Malcolm Dunlop (VC Edinburgh) .

The fastest Juniors though, would end up first across the line however in the shape of Andrew Vettraino (Glasgow Riderz), with local rider Jamie Mason (West Lothian Clarion) having to give best on the day. Really worthy of note though is the lap times of the Junior riders, both of these lads are more than capable of riding in the Senior class with distinction.

In the the Women’s class, Commonwealth Games road racer Anne Ewing (WV Breda) added some international flavour to the race by putting the hurt into a twenty eight strong field who took to the parcours, Ewing, fresh from stage racing in Ireland was soon in charge of the class field and finished comfortably in front of another Glasgow 2014 star Kerry McPhee (Rock and Road Cycles), another rider with a fine pedigree in international racing, with the last spot on the podium going to the impressive youngster Lucy Grant (Peebles CC).

In the Veteran Female category, a fine ride was had by former Scottish Time Trial Champion Sian Tovey (Dooleys Cycles) who is looking like a rider to watch this year for overall honours.

The Kids and Youth events, also had a fantastic turnout in all the classes, it is such a heartening sight to see the the future stars of cycling, having a safe and well organised arena to ply their skills in the setting of the park and Central Region.

After all the sweat had stopped flying, the organisers were quick to acknowledge the continued support of Ridley, Lazer Helmets and Madison, who really have enhanced Cyclocross in Scotland. Additional race sponsors on the day in the shape of Sufferfest Training, Wheelsmith, Andrew Wilson at Visual Fit, Soigneur Embrocation and Grange Kitchen are worthy too of mention in supporting grass roots cycling events.

There is also a lot of credit due to the team at Falkirk Community Trust who have liaised with a great team of ground staff to help put on what many see as the best ever event held in Scotland.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Callendar Park Cross - Results

What a great day of racing to get the 2014 Ridley Bikes Scottish Cyclocross Series up and running! We're just checking the figures, but looks like we had a total of 469 riders - a new record for Scottish Cyclocross.

Results by myeventiming
U8s & U12s
Youths, Juniors, Women, Senior Men, Veteran Men

Results split by category for each race can be viewed on the "Results by category" tab. Create a free MYLaps account for more race data. Any queries on results should be directed to Mark Young by email - click here.

Many thanks to our organisers today - David Lines and Franco Porco and also our series sponsors - Ridley, Lazer and Madison

We'd also like to thank Falkirk Council and Falkirk Community Trust, who support events in Central Region plus Sufferfest Training, Wheelsmith, Andrew Wilson at Visual Fit, Soigneur Embrocation and Grange Kitchen

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Callendar Park Cross: event information

Event held under Scottish Cycling and British Cycling Technical Regulations

Chief Commissaire: Tom Forbes
Assistant Commissaires: Gavin Clark, Colin Chisholm, John Mc Cracken

Marshall Briefings: 09.30 at sign on tent

First Aid provider: St Andrews

Nearest hospital: Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Stirling Road, Larbert, FK5 4WR. 01324 566000

Parking – Callendar Business Park, FK1 1YR
This is the car park at the east end of Callendar Road. There is huge amount of parking available there and it will ease congestion into the park. It has a good flat tarmac surface and is 3-4 mins walk from the start. There is no parking in front of Callendar House.

Race schedule: *Note changes*
Practice – 9.15am- 9.30am (full course)
U8 – 09.50
U12 – 10.05
U14/16 - 10.45
V50+/W/J – 11.50
Practice – 12.45 – 13.00
V40 – 13.15
Seniors - 14.30

U8/12 – tbc
U14/16 – 11.30
V50+/W/J – 16.00
V40-49 – 16.00
Seniors – 16.00

Sign-on closes 20 minutes before the start of each event

Start protocol: 15 minutes before rider call up 3 loud whistles, 10 minutes before start final long whistle, gridding and rider briefing.

Sponsors: Ridley Bikes, Laser Helmets, Madison, Falkirk Council and Falkirk Community Trust, Sufferfest Training, Wheelsmith, Andrew Wilson Visual Fit, Soigneur Embrocation, Grange Kitchen, Pedal Power Cycles, Leslie Bike Shop, Michael Dunabie Sports Massage.

Note: The event is taking place in a public park. Competitors must use the toilet facilities provided. It is an offence to urinate in public and any competitors seen doing so will be reported to the Police and can expect a penalty from the Commissaires. Toiles are located at the front of the House and also at the west side of the park, adjacent to the kiosk. Please do not use the toilet in Callendar House.

The course runs in a clockwise direction. The start for the U8/12 will be on the red blaze path at the finish line in front of the house. The start for all other races will be on the tarmac path to the east of the park next to the lake. Please gather on the grassy section next to the lake and wait to be gridded. There is approximately 300m of tarmac at the start and then riders will take a right turn and join the course. Please familiarise yourself with the start.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Ridley Cyclocross Series - Callendar Park Preview

The picturesque setting of Callendar Park and it's scenic backdrop of Callendar House plays host to round one of the Ridley Scottish Cyclocross series on Sunday 5th October.

With an impressive 350 riders already entered online from Scotland and beyond, race organisers and local Falkirk racers Franco Porco (Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique) and David Lines (Starley Primal Pro Cycling) have upped the ante of Scottish Cyclocross this year and made some challenging changes to the fast and flowing course, with plenty of new features to test the cream of Scotland's and indeed the UK's best riders, as well as offering a course that will suit newcomers alike.

With this being the first event in a season long competition to crown the Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series across the various categories, David and Franco have attracted international and Championship riders such as professionals in the shape of James McCallum (NFTO), who is able to concentrate on cyclocross this term. Rab Wardell (Orange Monkey Pro Team), who has raced globally in World Cup Mountain Bike races and who now one of the leading lights in race coaching in the UK. These riders will face an 80 strong grid that also includes a sprightly Jack Ravenscroft of (Team Thomsons Cycles), and co-organiser David Lines who smoked the opposition in a host of races last year, and is surely heading for a step on the podium at his home event.

The Veteran 50/Women/Junior race will see the return of Isla Short (Team Thomsons Cycles), the pocket rocket is the reigning Scottish Champion, and has been racing internationally all year, her opposition will include Maddy Robinson (VC Moulin) fresh from a podium at the Three Peaks Cyclocross race last weekend. Expect some fast and furious racing from the women who race against the seasoned Veteran 50 riders in the shape of West Lothian's Bill Young (Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique) and his team mate Billy McCord, and reigning Champion Brendan Roe.

The Vet 40 class has the Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique trio of Porco, John McCaffery and Scottish Champion Gary McCrae, who will be under attack from a very strong Glasgow United team of James Melville, Hans Fourhaug and Stevie Jackson, but well worth a look out could be local racer from Falkirk Alan Lamont (Leslie Bike/BB) who is more than capable of a podium at his home event.

With a full day of races on including events for kids and youths, the hope is a noisy and large crowd will come along to the park and make a day of it. As always Scottish Cyclocross is free to watch, and there will be a host of stalls and food emporiums to visit.

The organisers would like to thank series sponsors Ridley, Lazer and Madison for series support, and a special thanks to Falkirk Council and Community Trust who support races in Central Region.

These sponsors along with Sufferfest Training, Wheelsmith, Andrew Wilson at Visual Fit. Soigneur Embrocation and the Grange Kitchen, will surely make a fun day in the park a go to event this weekend.

Scottish Cycling Cyclocross Championships 2014

Scottish Cycling have loosened the requirements for taking part in the Scottish Cyclocross Championships and unlike recent seasons, you will be able to race on the day even if you do not meet the requirements to challenge for championship medals.

The Scottish Cyclocross Association would like to thank Scottish Cycling for this rule change.

Scottish Cycling's Technical Regulations can be downloaded here. The relevant rules are shown below - you'll also need to enter by the closing date which is two weeks before the race:


For SC championships competitors may compete without a licence but will
not be eligible for championship placings. Refer to Tech Reg 18.1.6

Further eligibility requirements must be met:
18.1.2 All SCU Championships shall be open to: -
a) SCU/BCF members (members of clubs affiliated to the SCU)
b) Scottish Nationals (persons born in Scotland)
c) Scottish Residents (persons who have lived in Scotland for three of the
last five years)
d) Persons who have at least one parent who was born in Scotland.
e) Members of the armed forces who meet none of the above, but who by
necessity are required to live in Scotland away from their normal
Persons in sections (b), (c), (d) and (e) must be members of an UCI
recognised Cycling Federation.

18.1.6 Competitors in all Scottish Cycling Championships other than Road Time
Trials and Team Time Trials are required to have a full BC/SC or UCI racing

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Scottish Cyclocross- Jackson Makes it Two in Bute.

Words: John McComisky.
Images: David Swann.

The second running of the Butecross event proved to be a hot and sweaty affair, giving Scottish cross racers the rare opportunity to bare some flesh before the weather takes a turn for the worse and they are up against the elements in the Ridley/Lazer Scottish Series in 2014.

One person who was never up against it however was new Butecross organiser Jim Cameron, who laid on a testing but fair parcour for seasoned racers and novices alike. The fast but technical course had some superb run-ups, twisty single track and even a football stadium setting to start and finish proceedings.

The fifty minute race proved to be the ideal last minute training race for Stevie Jackson (Glasgow United) who simply tore the heart out of the race to take a popular second win over his fellow United rider Hans Forhaug. The last spot on the podium was secured by International Fell Runner Tom Owens, who has ably swapped to pedal power.

The race for places further down the order proved just as thrilling with early Women's leader Lyndsey Carson (Thomsons Cycles) scuppered by a puncture, leaving an on form and in training for the Three Peaks Ainsley Turbitt (Velo Club Moulin) taking a popular win from Nicola Johnson (Hervelo) and an unfortunate Catherine Logan (Walkers Cycling) who was well placed before some mechanicals and race tumble.

The Butecross race bosted a 50 plus entry, and judging by the positive feedback for the event, its popularity will surely grow for next year, as it is now firmly established as part of the Rothesay Cycling weekend.

Jim and his team would like to thank the following for making the event a success.: Walkers Cycling, Gordon Watt, Bute Brewing Co, Soigneur Embrocation and the Bute Wheelers for all the help on the day.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Scottish Cyclocross Association AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Scottish Cyclocross Association
held 15th March 2014 at The Birds and Bees, Stirling

D Graham
M Steele
A Turbitt
J Melville
G Watt
D Mason
D Bell
D Shearer
M Nally
B MacFarlane
J McComisky
J Cameron
P Hutton
R Armitage

S Turbitt
J Marquis
E Lindsay
M Young

Agenda items discussed and resolution

Committee Election
No change

Timing Subsidy
It was agreed to continue with this as the series was very successful last year. However the entry fee will increase to £14 for all adult categories, £7 for youths and £3 For under 12s. The levy the organiser pays to SCX to help towards timing is to be increased to £1.20 a rider and a decent prize fund.

This was agreed to be put out to tender
DG, this has been done and Mark Young has been awarded the contract.

Consistency of races
Timings set for every race to keep the days consistent.
Action DG,ST and BM

Under 12s discretion to not hold a race
This was declined as they bring an awful lot to the days events.
SC have restated that they want the regional development officers to get involved and help out and try and get the clubs with youth sections to help other clubs with this event.
Action BM/SC

Full racing licence requirement for Scottish Cycling Cyclocross Championships
Ongoing with SC to drop this requirement

Points to 50th place in busy categories
MS to liase with timing to agree points etc

One number for whole season
Liaising with timing to see if this is practicable/possible/desirable

Overall time award
Liaising with timing to see if this is practicable/possible

Pre entry
We are hoping to get as much as possible, limiting the number of day entries to maybe 5 or 10 for each category was suggested. This may seem brutal but if it is well advertised beforehand then everyone will know the score. It will also allow seeding for the start to be displayed at sign on as well.

Equal prizes
It was agreed that for the three main races, men's vet 40, women's and men's seniors races that equal prize money should be awarded for these classes.
One way to help fund this, suggested by a parent, was that no money should be awarded to the youth categories only product. This was agreed by all and the committee were going to look at a cheaper rate for SCX products for organisers to award as prizes. A suggested prize fund list could be agreed with the committee before each event as most entries will be online so taking some of the guess work out of it on the day.
Action TBC

Race day clock
It was suggested that a clock be displayed to show the time to go. This was vetoed as the number of laps to go should be displayed after the competitors have finished lap number two.
AT was going to look at how this could be achieved

Liason with SC
SC have set up a committee for all "black sock" sports to sit on, SCXA, SXCA and SDA.
It was agreed that AT would be our representative

It was agreed to look at how we can market the merchandise in a better fashion on race days and online.
Committee discussion

Jim Cameron was thanked for all his poster work, they really added to the series and he had posters for all the series winners.
John McAffrey was thanked for the donation of a set of numbers
Shand Cycles were thanked for the donation of a set of numbers
Lazer helmets and Ridley were thanked for their sponsorship of the series
Jammy was thanked for his ongoing work at every event
All the committee were thanked for their work throughout the year

Secretary's closing remarks
Everyone was thanked for travelling and attending
He stated that he would love to see more, smaller events being held on non series weekends and that the committee would endeavour to help anyone with one of these events.

Assistant Cyclocross Commissaire Course

Scottish Cycling are running a course for Assistant Cyclocross Commissaires to support the growth that cyclocross has seen over recent seasons.

The course lasts one day and is free. Scottish Cycling will support your training and development needs by providing you with allocated races and roles to complete the training process.  Ideally you will aim to compete your training over the CX season and once completed you will progress up to Regional CX Commissaire.

To Register for the course please fill out the Google form - click here.

Date - Saturday 6th of September.
Location – Emirates Arena, Glasgow
Room – NGB2
Time – 9-5pm

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Monday, 4 August 2014

ERC Juniors - Youths Race - 27th September

ERC Juniors are pleased to announce that they will be hosting a youth only cyclocross race again this year at Inch Park in Edinburgh on Saturday 27th September.

Last year’s race was a huge success with over 130 riders and glorious sunshine.  We can’t promise the sunshine but we can promise a great days racing.

Entries are now open online here.

We will have electronic timing and lots of great prizes for boys and girls in each category.

See our Facebook page for some great photos from last year’s race.

Friday, 1 August 2014

SCXA appoint MYEventTiming to provide Event Timing and Results Services

We're very pleased to announce that following a tendering process, we have appointed MYEventTiming as our providers of event timing and results service for the 2014 Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series and Championships.

MYEventTiming provided the majority of timing services last year and we look forward to working with Mark again this year.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Haughcross is back!

Haughcross is back for 2014 and Ronde Bicycle Outfitters are promising that it's be the biggest and best yet.

This year's cyclocross bonanza will be complimented by a cross coaching clinic run by the highly regarded Dirtschool and led by former Scottish CX Champion and Elite Mountain Biker Rab Wardell.

Race results will be provided by MYEVENTTIMING's chip timing service.

As well as the infamous whisky short cut there will also be the ever popular up and over ramp - theres even talk of a wall ride and wobble top ramp section courtesy of Dirtschool...

Join us for an evening of highly charged cyclocross racing and much more. Experience the cheer of the crowd, and the ringing of cowbells. Spectators can enjoy racing of all abilities, from the best the UK has to offer to absolute beginners.

Following the race, a family ceilidh and BBQ will take place in the marquee. Entry for spectators is FREE but all donations towards the costs for this exceptional event gratefully received. To coincide with this extravaganza there will be a bicycle trade village bringing you the world’s best cycling brands.

During the racing the band, Forever Young: The Go Figures will be playing in the AVD Festival Marquee.

Puddledub Hog Roasting will be on sale and a beer tent with some of Scotland's finest beer and ale on tap to wash it down.

Register at The AVD Festival Marquee (1.00pm-4.30pm) no entries accepted after 4.30pm
4.45pm Youth, Novice and U16s Race starts - £8.00
5.45pm Mass Start - Vets, Junior, Women’s Race and Men’s Open starts - £15.00
Silver Sands Playing Field

- Online entry is now open on
- Entry enquiries via Ronde Bicycle Outfitters and check our Facebook Page for any updates
- More details to follow re the Dirtschool's Cross Clinic with Rab Wardell

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Invitation to tender: Event Timing and Results Service

Scottish Cyclocross is seeking to appoint a timing partner to provide chip timing and results services
for the 2014/2015 race series. The series comprises six rounds plus the Scottish Championships,
each involving one day of racing.

For further details, please download the tender document from this link:

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Scottish Cyclocross Association AGM 2014 & 2013 Awards

The 2014 Scottish Cyclocross Association AGM & 2013 Awards will be held on Saturday 15th March at 13:00 in The Birds and Bees, Causewayhead, Stirling. 

Come along and help shape the Scottish Cyclocross series for the 2014 season and beyond. We'll also be presenting trophies to the 2013 Scottish Cyclocross series winners and celebrating their achievements.

Agenda items should be submitted to the Scottish Cyclocross Association Secretary using the Contact Us form on the right hand side of this page, or publically on the Feedback page. Please ensure that any items are submitted by 1st March.

p.s. you can find minutes from the 2013 AGM here.

Monday, 6 January 2014


Pedal Powered Victory For Montgomerie

Article:John McComisky
Images: Velosportive (Rob Simpson)

Sunday January 5th saw the third edition of the Biggest Cyclocross race in Scotland take on the Bo'ness Shoreline and Bo'ness Dock area. Dig In at the Dock Cyclocross race lived up to all the hype and excitement of previous years with a massive crowd of cycling fans, racers and townsfolk soaking up the heady atmosphere of all that is good about cycling.

The Pedal Power sponsored event brought out the very best Scottish professional riders to pit their skills against a 123 strong field on the day, some of whom it would be the first ever cycling race they have ever taken part in.

With even the weather behaving itself for the afternoon, the scene was set for some fun and frolics from the noisy, appreciative 1000 strong crowd who turned the shore into a colourful, carnival of Cyclocross, many dressing up, playing trombones, banging drums and ringing out the free cowbells provided by the race sponsors. They were to be treated to a fast but muddy course that not only took in the now famous Bo'ness cobbles but the surrounding shoreline and Harbour area.

Straight from the blast of the gun, Commonwealth Games hopeful Rab Wardell (Orange Monkey Pro Team) set off with International riders Gareth Montgomerie (Pedal Power) , David Lines (Starley-Primal) and the impressive Gary McCrae (Leslie Bikes/Bikers Boutique) to form a fast train, who soon had battered the remaining 100 plus riders into oblivion.

The fast pace of the race the race meant that all over the course, riders were soon locked together freight train style along the quayside, and groups of racers were soon having very personal little battles of their own to stay upright and take on the slippery course and running sections.

While the top lads were slugging it out, diminutive Isla Short (Team Thomsons) was bossing the female category, using the event in preparation for next weekends British Championships in Derby. Short showed a very clean pair of heels to fend off Scottish Ridley Series winner Maddy Robinson (Velo Club Moulin), who despite getting her war paint of provided by the face-painters, could not close the gap, but did enough to keep the impressive Edinburgh teenager Emma Borthwick (Tri-Centre) in third slot.

With the hour race in full swing and thumping entertainment provided by a 15 piece Samba band (Sambalistic) the rhythm of the race was culminating in an exciting finale as leaders Montgomerie, Lines and McCrae steamed onto the last lap, with the ever present Wardell closing them down despite a pit stop for a wheel change

As the enthusiastic crowd craned their necks in the arena, it was to be a perfect hollywood ending for an arms raised Gareth Montgomerie who took the win for event sponsor Pedal Power took the race win and the £100 first prize haul, he also received the adulation of the crowd and a ceremonial Dig In a the the Dock cowbell, to score a victory at the Bo'ness event for the first time in three years of trying. Falkirk's favourite Fireman lit up second place from an impressive Scottish Champion winning Veteran McCrae, who kept the younger riders very honest..

In the Junior Class sponsored by Bo'ness towns Jimmy Smellie, Harry Johnston (Team Thomsons) rode well to keep West Lothian team mate Jamie Mason in second with a fantastic podium form Ruari Yeoman (East Kilbride Road Club).

Awards were also won in the Over 40 & 50 classes with Granite City racer Alastair Watt and Velo Club Edinburgh's Malcolm Dunlop taking the spoils

The organisers have so many people to thank but in on a local level the public of Boness who came down and supported the race, and make the atmosphere and a family friendly race possible.
The Falkirk Community Trust for giving permission to hold the race in the Dock Area, Falkirk Council for preparing the course area beforehand.
The event thrives not only in local community, but also all over the world with massive interest from the International Cyclocross community.

The event organisers Dave Hamill and John McComisky wish to also thank the following for supporting this not for profit event:

Jonny McBain (Pedal Power), Endura, Ridley/Lazer/Madison, Big Bobble Hats, The Grange Kitchen, Billy McCord, Alpine Bikes, Costa Cycling, Doctor Peter Ward, Andrew Bell, East Kilbride Road Club, Anthony Robson, Denise Schoefield, Meadowlark Yoga, Jimmy Smellie, and all the trade and volunteer marshals and first aid.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Pedal Power #DIATD Results!

Resuilts from today's stupendous Pedal Power Dig In at the Dock are available here

Any queries or corrections to

If you're not familiar with TLI age categories, then these are:

Junior 16 to 17
Senior 18 to 29
Master 30 to 39
Veteran A 40 to 44
Veteran B 45 to 49
Veteran C 50 to 54
Veteran D 55 to 59
Veteran E 60 to 64
Veteran F 65 to 69
Veteran G 70 to 74
Veteran H 75 plus

So in the results VM_A (1) is first placed Veteran A male, MF (1) is first placed Master Female, and so on...

West Lothian Clarion Youth CX

Further information and online entry available on the British Cycling website - click here.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Spectator Information for #DIATD

The Dig In at the Dock crew have produced a guide for spectators heading for the cross fun in Bo'ness this Sunday - you can download the guide here.

Racers have been emailed a pack with more information on what's in store. If you haven't received this then get in touch with the organisers on the event Facebook page or by using the Comments section below (but check your Junk Email folder first).

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Docksijde 2014


Words: John McComisky
Images: Anthony Robson, Addy Pope and Beau Bissett.

Latest update for the Pedal Power Dig In at the Dock Open Cyclocross race on 5th January 2014, is that after some course modification and added technical features, the race will hold a rider line up of over 150 racers.
This in itself makes it one of the largest fields for a one day, one off ever held in Scotland, and as well as the Pro riders the organisers have selected some raw novices to make a debut on the fast and challenging course.

The best riders already down to ride are top Scottish professional riders and previous winners James McCallum (NFTO Cycling Team) Rab Wardell (Orange Monkey Pro Team), Gareth Montgomerie and current winning-est rider in Scottish Cyclocross David Lines (Starley-Primal) as well as Tour of Britain sensation Ben Greenwood.
The top pro riders will take on Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series Veteran Champion Gary McCrae(Leslie Bikes), and hot to trot Women's series winner Maddie Robinson (VC Moulin) in the unique one race event. Throw in Scottish Women's Champion Isla Short (Team Thomsons) and another 25 female riders and you have an incredibly diverse field for spectators to cheer on.

With that in mind Event Organiser David Hamill has conncocted a fine amount of cross crazy fun for those just spectating and supporting the race. 
"The loudest spectator prize Alpine Bikes have kindly sponsored the prize for the loudest spectator award. This competition will judged at either side of the wee bridge. There will be steps that force the riders to dismount on either side of this bridge so come and  give them some support and you could win a prize. Our secret judges will choose the person they think has provided the most enthusiastic support. The prize will be awarded before the raffle is drawn and the winner will be given £50 Alpine Bikes voucher, a cyclocross book and a CX Magazine hipflask full of malt whisky. The best fan placard/umbrella This is another spectator competition and is sponsored by Costa Cycling Experience. Entrants should choose a rider from the start list and make a placard or decorate an umbrella in their honour and then wave it about during the race. Fraser from Costa Cycling Experience will choose the one he thinks is the best just before the hand-up raffle so bring it along to that and wave it around. The winner will be given a £50 M&S voucher, a cyclocross book and probably something else we’ll think of between now and then"


The event has also maintained race sponsorship from Pedalpower in West Calder, one of Scotland's largest retail cycle shops, who will be bringing down their full Endura Cycle Clothing range at January Sale prices as well as having a on site presence from Giant, Cannondale and Ridley in the pro cycling arena zone.

There are further entertainments in the shape of live commentary, the Sambalistic Samba Band, a collectable race programme, as well as the now traditional Raffle competition to finish the day off in style.
Throughout the day the Grange Kitchen will provide healthy hot and cold food to riders and spectators alike.
If you are looking for a healthy start to the year , the only place to be on the 5th of January is Bo'ness, action starts from 11am, with the hour long race scheduled for 1pm.

The Organisers wish to thank it's event partners: Pedal Power West Calder, Falkirk Community Trust, Falkirk Council and Grounds Department, Ridley, Lazer, Madison, Endura, Costa Cycling, Alpine Bikes, Big Bobble Hats, Ride it like you Stole It Design, The Grange Kitchen, Giant, Cannondale, Meadowlark Yoga, Jac and Chris Marquis and Jammy Johnstone, Scottish Cyclocross,Billy McCord, East Kilbride Cycling Club, Craig Hardie and Jimmy Smellie.

1 Robert Wardell Orange Monkey Pro Team
2 Gareth Montgomerie TBC
3 James McCallum NFTO Pro Cycling
4 Elizabeth Adams Glasgow Green Cycling Club
5 Matthew Allen Cormorant RT
6 Erika Allen Team Thomsons Cycles
7 Robert Armitage Kinross CC
8 Dermot Bailie Edinburgh Road Club
9 Colin Bain East Kilbride Road Club
10 Kevin Barclay
11 Ronald Barker Rockhard MBC
12 Cathy Barlow Royal Albert CC
13 Jason Barnes Glasgow Nightingale CC
14 Mark Barnett Leslie bike shop/bikers boutique
15 Gary Beall Leslie Bike Shop/ Bikers Boutique
16 Richard Beard The Bikestation
17 Stevie Begen East Kilbride
18 Ross Black Glasgow United CC
19 Rob Bloor Edinburgh RC
20 Emma Borthwick The Tri Centre
21 Andrew Bothwell Edinburgh Road Club
22 Karen Breneman Edinburgh Road Club
23 Morven Brown Dales Cycles
24 Kirsten Cameron Edinburgh Triathletes
25 Roger Campbell-Crawford Team Thomsons Cycles
26 David Carlin Unattached
27 Paul Carmichael Peebles CC
28 Lyndsey Carson Team Thomsons Cycles
29 Gordon Chisholm Perth United Cycling Club
30 Anne Chisholm Perth United Cycling Club
31 Sean Clark Velo Sportive
32 Carina Convery Sandy Wallace Cycles
33 Graeme Cross
34 Chris Di Placito Hardie-Bikes
35 Gordon Dickson Rockhard MBC
36 Richard Docherty Unattached
37 Gary Douglas Happy Trails cc
38 Stuart Dun Unattached
39 Chris Duncan Velo Club Moulin
40 Malcolm Dunlop Veloclub Edinburgh
41 Eric Easton Edinburgh Road Club
42 Iain Elliott West Lothian Clarion
43 Duncan Ewing
44 Paul Fairbairn Ronde
45 Simon Fairfull Velo Club Moulin
46 Mark Forrest Team Thomsons Cycles
47 James Fraser-Moodie Pedal Power
48 Craig Gilmour Falkirk Bike Club
49 Jonathan Goldstraw Stewartry Wheelers
50 Sean Gordon Team Thomsons Cycles
51 Davie Graham Velo Club Moulin
52 Stuart Green Graham Weigh Cycles
53 Ben Greenwood Leslie Bike Shop/ Bikers Boutique
54 Baird Greig
55 Stevie Halsall Velo Club Moulin
56 Paul Hamer Scottish Fire and Rescue
57 David Hamill Pedal Power RT
58 Jonathan Herbert VC Glasgow South
59 David Hicks Airthrey Antics Racing
60 Ian Hockey East Kilbride Road Club
61 Paul Hutton Kinross CC
62 Stephen Jackson Glasgow United
63 Harry Johnston Team Thomsons Cycles
64 Gary Johnstone Unattached
65 Marek Jurasinski Unattached
66 Graeme Kelly
67 Scott Kerr Walkers CC
68 Simon Kirkness The Tri Centre
69 Alan Lamont Leslie Bike Shop/ Bikers Boutique
70 Jann Lapsley Johnstone Wheelers
71 Euan Lindsay
72 Jason Lindsay Muky Riderz
73 David Lines Starley Primal Pro Cycling
74 Ally Little Perth United Cycling Club
75 Scott Logan The Bicycle Works
76 Catherine Logan Walkers Cycling Club
77 Gordon Mackenzie Velo Club Moulin
78 Zara Mair South Lanarkshire CC
79 Michael Martin East Kilbride Road Club
80 David Mason West Lothian Clarion
81 Jamie Mason West Lothian Clarion
82 Gavin May Velo Club Moulin
83 John McCaffery Leslie Bike Shop/ Bikers Boutique
84 Brian McCardle East Kilbride Road Club
85 Billy McCord Dundee Thistle RC
86 Gary McCrae Leslie Bike Shop/ Bikers Boutique
87 Nick McCue Unattached
88 Stephen McDowall Pedal Power RT
89 Hayley McEwan Royal Albert CC
90 Alasdair McGill Carse of Gowrie Velo
91 Paul McInally Rock & Road Cycles
92 James McPake GJS Cruise Racing
93 James Melville Glasgow United CC
94 Jason Merrilees Scottish Fire and Rescue
95 Brendan Milliken Velo Club Moulin
96 Fraser Moore T.A. Ciclismo
97 Colin Moulson T.A. Ciclismo
98 Russell Mowat Walkers Cycling Club
99 Paul Newnham Leslie Bike Shop/ Bikers Boutique
100 Charlie Orr Wolfbrothers International
101 James Orr Wolfbrothers International
102 Craig Owen Unattached
103 John Owen Bicycle Works
104 John Parkinson Here Come the Belgians
105 Lauri Peil Edinburgh Road Club
106 Howard Perkins Unattached
107 Owen Philipson Stirling BC/The Drum-Up
108 Alan Picken Hooked on Cycling
109 Addy Pope Velo Club Moulin
110 Franco Porco Leslie Bike Shop/ Bikers Boutique
111 Iain Pryde Deeside Thistle CC
112 Stuart Punton Kinross CC
113 John Reid Stirling Bike Club
114 Maddy Robinson Velo Club Moulin
115 Anthony Robson Ride It Like You Stole It
116 Scott Russell Walkers Cycling Club
117 Oliver Samphier Stirling B C
118 Gordon Scott West Lothian Clarion
119 Graeme Scott Happy Trails Cross Collective
120 Alan Shanley West Lothian Clarion
121 Douglas Shearer Innerleither MTB Racing
122 Bryan Shedden Alpine Bikes
123 Isla Short Team Thomsons Cycles
124 Lorna Sloan Walkers Cycling Club
125 Gary Smith Team Falkirk Community Trust
126 James Speakman Unattached
127 Martin Steele Velo Club Moulin
128 Rob Storey Unattached
129 Russell Stout Velo Club Moulin
130 Joanne Thom Edinburgh Road Club
131 Campbell Thomson FBW
132 Sandy Thomson Mill Road Mincers
133 Grant Thomson Unattached
134 Gary Tompsett Unattached
135 Sian Tovey Dooleys Cycles RT
136 Gordon Traynor Spokes RT
137 Steven Turbitt Glasgow United Cycling Club
138 Ainsley Turbitt Velo Club Moulin
139 Andrew Turnbull Velocity44
140 Fiona Walker Walkers Cycling Club
141 Neil Walker Walkers Cycling Club
142 Graeme Warren Unattached
143 Gordon Watt Deeside Thistle CC
144 Alister Watt Granite City RT
145 Cameron Weir Unattached
146 George Welch East Kilbride Road Club
147 Ally Wight Hardrock Hoodlums
148 Paula Wilson Walkers Cycling Club
149 Teri Wishart Velo Club Moulin
150 Ruari Yeoman East Kilbride Road Club
151 Bill Young Pedal Power RT

Further information available here:

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series Posters by Uisgeanach

Jim Cameron's brilliant series of posters for the Ridley Bikes Scottish Cyclocross Series are now available in printed form.

Jim is printing a limited run of these in Glasgow on high quality 190gsm satin poster paper. All profits are to go into  BELLACX - a new race he's planning for 2014 in Ballahouston Park.

Full SCX Series (700mm x 500mm)  £35
Individual races (290mm square) £20

Drop Jim an email by 31st December to place an order and follow him on Twitter for updates - @uisgeanach

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ridley Bikes Cylocross Series 2013 - League Tables

Final league tables for the 2013 Ridley Bikes Cylocross Series are now available to download - click here.

If you spot any issues then please get in touch using the Contact Us form >>>

More soon...


Monday, 16 December 2013

Cross at the Castle 2 - Results Newsflash

Provisional results from the Sunday's racing at Glengorm Castle including the Santacross World Championships and the Scottish Singlespeed Cyclocross Championships.

Women, Juniors & Veterans
Senior / Open

Please send any queries to the timing team as soon as possible -