Monday, 20 April 2015

Thanks Glasgow United Cycling Club

The SCX committee would like to thank Glasgow United CC for the donation to the association funds. A spokesperson for GUCC said "We have found ourselves to be in credit after the last few years of holding our event at Auchentoshan, due mainly to larger entries, and wish to put that back into the cyclocross association. We hope that the 'Tosh will be back next year once the building work has been completed."

AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Scottish Cyclocross Association AGM 
15th March 2014 

Committee Present:
Ainsley Turbitt, Jac Marquis, James McCallum

Mark Young, Dave Hamill, Andrew Bell, John McComisky, Gordon Watt, Paul Davies, Fiona Walker, John Myerscough, Jim Murray

Davie Graham, Martin Steele, Steven Turbitt, James Melville, Jammy Johnstone, David Mason 

Agenda items discussed:
John has stepped down. No other changes to committee at this time.

Secretary's report:
Apologies for so few of the committee being present. Last season continued to build on previous with increased numbers and good racing throughout. Highlight of the season was the understanding of everyone over the incident with Jammy at the champs. It's unfortunate that Auchentoshan is missing this year but hopefully with the proliferation of non-series races we can have a good season from September through to February. Anyone considering organising a race should contact Davie to try to avoid clashes. 

Provisional series calendar for 2015 season:
October 11th Callendar Park
October 25 Knockburn Loch
November 8th Strathclyde park
November 22nd Lochore Meadows
December 6th Irvine: champs and series races
December 12th Cross at the Castle, Mull

Financial report:
The 2014 season finished in the green but only by £230 - largely due to the success of selling SCX merchandise. Staying out of the red in future depends on sustaining rider numbers. Series race organisers pay a small levy of £1.20 to SCX for each adult rider. SCX in turn help cover the cost of timing chips currently £1 per rider. In future SCX may have to review the levy – this would require a new levy form to be produced. 
Committee suggest adult pre event entry to stay at £14 but entry on the day should be raised significantly to further encourage pre entry which helps organisers.
An attendee suggested racers would be likely to accept a higher entry fee (to £15) on the understanding that the extra was to go directly to SCX for the specific purpose of enhancing SCX with more and better events.
An attendee suggested that SCX should communicate the SCX aspiration for sustaining and growing the sport and the need for funds to do that. 
It was suggested that although some events would be running at breakeven, others have a surplus and they may want to invest in SCX future.

To be put out to tender as it is each year.

Format of the SCX series:
An attendee suggested that having separate kids races should be considered, pointing out that it would be easier for organisers to put on adult events if they were separate. 
Committee confirmed that the 2015 season will have the same format as last season. Same race categories and run under Scottish Cycling.
Committee explained they consider it important to have the kids races as they were important for the future of the sport and encourage parents to race too. 
Concern was raised at the lack of current series venues and the reluctance of non-series organisers to consider running a series race due to the extra work involved conformed to SC rules. 
Committee explained they consider at the moment that operating under SC had advantages including allowing racers to earn BC points. 
Committee confirmed they would go with another organisation such as TLI if they considered it would be best for SCX but the current format under SC is currently considered best. 
Fiona Walker was asked to take away an action point to find out of SC would accommodate a SCX series without kids races taking palace in same event as adult series just to clarify if it was possible under SC. 
Fiona also asked to clarify if non-series races get same BC points as a series race.

SCX aspirations for the future:
An attendee explained that he wanted the sport to grow but also wanted SCX to feel the same fun at events. 
The Committee explained that the current race venues and organisers have achieved so much over the last few seasons that we are now close to a point where the existing venues and organisers just can’t grow very much bigger because of maximum numbers venues can handle.
SCX want to encourage new organisers and venues. It is expected that they would demonstrate success with at least one non-series event before being considered to join SCX series. 
SCX committee currently offer advice and support to Organisers.
An attendee suggested that clubs might be encouraged to pool resources and put on new events.
An attendee suggested SCX ask SC to encourage clubs to put on CX events – one in each of the new regions for example. Fiona confirmed SC are already doing a lot of work in developing CX including with recent successful Youth and Women’s coaching events plus several go cross events and that it can be hard trying to force clubs to hold CX races when they are perhaps not familiar with the format.
SCX explained that organisers often struggle to get enough volunteers to cover the officials jobs at a CX event. It was suggested that more could be done to encourage racers to take a turn and help out as volunteers.
SCX want to know what racers value most and what direction they want the sport in Scotland to go. Use of an online survey was suggested. For consideration by the committee.

Other business:
Champions jersey was discussed. The committee explained the problems associated with this include cost of having jerseys printed with riders/team/club sponsors logos and the number of categories required. Also, as the champs is officially an SC race it should be up to them. No further action at this time.
One attendee requested publishing separate V60 results – no request for a separate prize-giving. Mark Young said this was possible and agreed to take that forward.
One attendee suggested SCX should consider expanding its equipment inventory (eg. Clocks, banners etc) in order to help organisers and to enhance the feel or the event by making it more slick. The committee welcomed this suggestion confirming that they are keen to help organisers and want to help encourage local communities to come along to spectate. A good looking event would help with that. Funds/storage and transportation barriers were discussed but suggestions of free storage and suggestions of grant money were made. For consideration by the committee.
A suggestion of having a SCX race/event group under the SCX Committee was made. That group would be focussed on helping organisers put on a successful event. Committee indicated that although the committee is all volunteers, they do already work with organisers. Setting up a separate sub-committee seemed a bit out of scope at the moment but they would be happy to continue to working closely with organisers.
Deeside Thistle are about to give donation to Braemar Mountain Rescue Team.

Phil Glennie of Braemar Mountain Rescue Team for fast action and excellent care at Knockburn Loch.
Volunteers, landowners and racers who helped out at races.
Jim Cameron for all his poster work
The sponsors for their sponsorship of the series.
Jammy for his ongoing work at every event.
All the committee were thanked for their work throughout the year
Committee’s closing remarks:
Everyone was thanked for traveling and attending

Monday, 16 March 2015

Provisional Cyclocross Calendar 2015/2016

Scottish Cyclocross Series
11th Oct  SCX1 - Callendar Park
25th Oct  SCX2 - Knockburn Loch
08th Nov  SCX3 - Strathclyde Park
22nd Nov  SCX4 - Lochore Meadows
6th Dec   SCX5 - Irvine - incorporating the Scottish Cycling Cyclocross Championships
12th Dec  SCX6 - Mull

Scottish Non-series Races
19th Sep Bute
4th Oct   Alford
13th Dec  Mull

National Races
11th Oct  National Trophy 1 - Southampton
25th Oct  National Trophy 2 - Derby
08th Nov  National Trophy 3 - Durham
29th Nov  National Trophy 4 - Ipswich
13th Dec  National Trophy 5 - Bradford
09th & 10th Jan  National Championships - Shrewsbury
17th Jan  National Trophy 6 - Milton Keynes

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Scottish Cyclocross AGM 2015

The 2015 Scottish Cyclocross Association AGM will be held on Sunday 15th March at 15:00 at the Low Port Centre in Linlithgow.

The GP Room
Low Port Centre
1 Blackness Road
West Lothian
EH49 7HZ
View on Google Maps

Come along and help shape the Scottish Cyclocross series for the 2015 season and beyond. If you're planning to attend then please let us know by using the Contact Us form.

p.s. you can find minutes from the 2014 AGM here.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Rouken Glen CX - Results

Results by myeventiming
A Race
B Race

Results split by category for each race can be viewed on the "Results by category" tab. Create a free MYLaps account for more race data. Any queries on results should be directed to Mark Young by email - click here.

Many thanks to Jim and his Big Orange Bobble Hatted team for a great day of racing in the snow at Rouken Glen Park. Thanks too to East Renfrewshire Council, Big Bobble HatsDales Cycles and West Brewery.

Photo courtesy dR j0n

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Rouken Glen CX

Here we go, the inaugural Rouken Glen Cyclocross (RGCX) is just a week away.
Welcome to the rider information pack.

RGCX, in Rouken Glen Park, just 10km south of Glasgow city centre, bound the west by the M77 and to the south by a railway to Glasgow Central has to be one of the most accessible cyclocross courses in Scotland.

Stick G46 7LL into the sat nav and follow the machine. Full address is:
Rouken Glen Park, Rouken Glen Rd, Giffnock, East Renfrewshire, G46 7LL

There are two free car parks in Rouken Glen Park; the main one at the garden centre and a second one at the east lodge (veterinary surgery). The map at the bottom of this pack indicates their location.

For the Main Car Park - From junction 3 off the M77 head east along Nitshill Rd (A727), straight over the round about and then your first right will take you to the garden centre car park. It is signposted “Rouken Glen Park Main Entrance”. Post Code - G46 7UG

Failing that, continue east along Nitshill Rd (A727) for 500m take another right into the east lodge car park signposted “Rouken Glen Park East Lodge”. Post Code - G46 7JZ

Failing that, there is also free on-street parking along Davieland Road which runs along the eastern edge of the park. Please take extra care if you choose to park on Davieland Road. Post Code – G46 7LL

RGCX has it’s very own train station, Whitecraigs which has trains travelling into Glasgow Central. Trains typically take 20 minutes to get to Whitecraigs from Glasgow Central.

Once parked up please make signing on to receive your timing chip and race number your priority. Everything after that will fall gloriously into place. There will be signs guiding you to the RGCX arena from the car parks. Can I ask kindly that the A racers wait until 10.30 to go to sign on to allow the B racers to sign on first. The sign on will be in the race arena just near the waterfall in the south of the park. It will be under a Dales Cycles gazebo. It’s marked on the map below by a purple star.

The timings for the day are as follows:

Please make the most of the open course for practice and respect other competitors by leaving the course once it is closed. Announcements will be made to confirm when the course is open and closed.

In an attempt to get a good spread of the field at the start and to mitigate bunching at the first turn we’ve an uphill ‘tarmac’ start chute. Think Spa-Francorchamps, just a bit more glamorous. This will be the only time you come up this hill. Getting there is easy.

From the sign on area you will notice a gravel track heading west, away from the waterfall. Head along that; it takes you along to the golf course. Continue down the track and it will disappear down the hill quite quickly. There’s a slight opening at the bottom where it starts to level out. There will be signage and grid lines on the ground to indicate the start area, please continue past that to the muster area. This will be about 50m past the start line. Please wait there until you are called up to the start line.

Please make your way there 15mins before the start of the race. A marshal will be on hand with a big bucket to take jackets etc. which you can collect at the sign on tent post race at your convenience. Again this is marked on the map below by a yellow dot.

Grassy, gravelly, muddy, rooty, hilly, rad, repeat. Have a look at the course map below.

There are public toilets at the back (roadside) of the Boathouse Café situated on the eastern side of the boating lake (see map below highlighted in blue).

The Boathouse Café has said they are happy for muddy cross hooligans to go over get warm and get some food (see map below highlighted in blue).WHAT HAPPENS IF I WIN?

YOU GET PRIZES! Cash prizes will be given for the top 3 riders in the A race and for the top 3 male and top 3 female riders of the B race. Prize giving will take place for both the A & B races straight after the A race.

Even if you don’t win you may still get BEER. The good folks at WEST Beer have kindly supplied us with St Mungos. To claim your free beer look out for the ‘BEER HAND UP’ guy giving out tickets. (Please note drinking in the park is not allowed, you do so at your own risk)

Yes of course, please bring as many fans, friends, personal photographers, past lovers, colleagues as you like. Please encourage them to bring instruments of all ilk to make a racket and encourage you and your fellow racers.

Yes of course, please bring encourage all you photographer pals to come along. Cyclocross is definitely the best form of cyclesport for photographers, loads of weird and wonderful stuff goes down and you see riders again and again throughout the race.

This year, borrowed from my brothers that bring you DIATD, I’m excited to announce, and also as a matter of courtesy, that we will have a drone pilot and videographer filming the races. I believe this is a first (don’t tell me if I’m wrong, I like the bragging rights) for Scottish Cyclocross and is definitely going to boost the promotion of our beautiful sport. Look out for the videos post race!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Dig In at the Dock - Results

Results by myeventiming
All categories

Results split by category for each race can be viewed on the "Results by category" tab. Create a free MYLaps account for more race data. Any queries on results should be directed to Mark Young by email - click here.

Many thanks to Dave, John and their army of helpers, plus Pedal Power and the many sponsors for providing an astounding array of prizes.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Cross at the Castle - Sunday - Results

Results by myeventiming
Under 12s
Youth, Juniors, Women, Senior Open,Veterans

Results split by category for each race can be viewed on the "Results by category" tab. Create a free MYLaps account for more race data. Any queries on results should be directed to Mark Young by email - click here.

Mant thanks to Davie and his team of helpers, Glengorm Castle, Cycle SOS and our commissaire Jim Murphy for a great weekend of racing on the Isle of Mull. We'll be back for the 10th anniversary Cross at the Castle in 2015.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Cross at the Castle - Saturday - Results

Results by myeventiming
Under 12s
Youth, Juniors, Women, Senior Open,Veterans

Results split by category for each race can be viewed on the "Results by category" tab. Create a free MYLaps account for more race data. Any queries on results should be directed to Mark Young by email - click here.

Congratulations to our Ridley Scottish CX Series winner - see the final league tables here. Presentations will take place after tomorrow's race at Glengorm Castle.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Dig in at the Dock

The race that sold out within a minute - make sure you head down to Bo'ness on 4th January for the biggest cyclocross race of 2015.


Dig In at the Dock -Press Release

Words: John McComisky
Images: Velo Sportive

Within only one minute of the Dig In Around the Dock Cyclocross race going live on the internet, it sold out of all it's 100 places. The popular season ending bike race returns to Bo'ness on an earlier date of January 4th 2015 for the fourth year in succession.

Last year saw riders from all over Scotland attend the off road, hour long race around the dock area and woodland of the shore-front in the town. This year as well as riders from England, Scotland and Ireland, there will be riders from France and Sweden competing in now what is dubbed as “Scotland's Favourite Bike Race”.

The depth of field in the race is also very impressive with a host of Commonwealth Games athletes on the start list as well as World Cup Mountain Bikers, World Masters Track racers, Scottish and British Champions, all keen to lift the coveted Dig In Golden Cowbell at the end of the race.

Event Organisers David Hamill along with John McComisky will have to open up further fifty places in the race, such is the demand for a slot in the most anticipated cross race of the new year. On the subject of a race entry, the organisers came up with a great fund-raising idea for the town of Bo'ness. After an E-bay auction the boys raised £100.00 for the local Storehouse, and wish them all the very best with all the great work they provide within the community of Bo'ness.

“ We have been completely overwhelmed by the interest in the event, every year the event grows in stature around the UK, and with so much interest on things like Face-book and Twitter, countries such as America and the heartland of Cyclocross in Belgium all sit up and take notice of the event. Bo'ness should be really proud that it has landed on the cycling map, and we are hoping that the local residents come down to support the race just as they did in 2014. Our aim has always been to encourage a healthy sporting event in the town, and something for all the family to enjoy, and it is free of charge”

The event has also retained major sponsorship from Pedalpower in West Calder, one of Scotland's largest retail cycle shops, who will be bringing down their full cycle clothing range at January Sale prices.

Along with this presence, a full list of Bike Shops from all over Scotland will be displaying bikes and their wares on the day in a bikers village, with manufacturers such as Cannondale, Giant and Ridley all displaying the latest kit. There will also be demo bikes available on the day to try before you buy..

There are further entertainments on the cards in the shape of live samba music, commentary and music. And just for the kids the lads are again providing free face painting, fun competitions and healthy hot and cold food available on site all day from 10am. 
There will also be the handing out of the sought after Pedal Power cowbells and a race programme full of Cyclocross articles and pictures which will be on sale for £3.00 in the main arena.


The organisers will release further information as the event draws nearer, but so far here are some of the top riders who will race for the King and Queen of the Dock titles in 2015:

  • Robert Wardell (Orange Monkey Pro Team)
  • Isla Short (Team Thomsons)
  • James McCallum (
  • Iain Paton (Scott/Syncross)
  • Jough Watson (Charge Bikes UK)
  • Gary Mac Donald (Hope Factory Racing)
  • David Lines (Velosure-Starley Primal)
  • Gary McCrae (Leslie Bikes/Bikers Boutique)
  • Madeline Robinson (V.C Moulin)
  • Conner Johnstone (Leslie Bikes/Bikers Boutique)
  • Emma Borthwick (Edinburgh Road Club)

Further information available here:

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Scottish Cyclocross Championships - Results

Results by myeventiming
Youth, Juniors, Women, Senior Open,Veterans

Results split by category for each race can be viewed on the "Results by category" tab. Create a free MYLaps account for more race data. Any queries on results should be directed to Mark Young by email - click here.

Huge thanks to Deeside Thistle for organising a superb day of championship racing - a real highlight of the season. Thanks too to the race officials and timing team.

As most of you will know by now, our legendary commentator  and SCXA Chair Jammy Johnstone took ill just before the start of the V40 race. An update from his son-in-law, Dan Parkin:
"Just been to see [Jammy] with his wife and daughters at ARI and he is doing well. He was very fortunate to get very good medical assistance very quickly and is now in the best possible hands. They operated to sort the immediate problem, he now hopefully just needs to rest and recuperate."

We'd like to wish Jammy all the best in his recovery and thank the first aiders and medical staff who helped Jammy today. Please use the comments form below to leave messages. We'll pass them on to Jammy.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

West Lothian Clarion's Last Gasp CX

West Lothian Clarion are hosting a CX race for Youth and Women on 25th January at Linlithgow Leisure Centre. There's a coaching session for women before the race included in the price too!

Click here for more details & to enter.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Foxlake Cyclocross - Results

Results by myeventiming
Women, Seniors, Veterans

Results split by category for each race can be viewed on the "Results by category" tab. Create a free MYLaps account for more race data. Any queries on results should be directed to Mark Young by email - click here.

Many thanks to James McCallum and his crack team of organisers and also Foxlake Adventures and the John Muir Winter Carnival for a fantastic day out at a superb venue.

Auchentoshan CX - Statement on Course Changes - Update

The Scottish Cyclocross Association committee met recently to review the season so far and start planning for next year. High up on the agenda was the change to the course at Auchentoshan for this year's race which has been causing a bit of a stir since the race on 2nd November.

The steep descent, small burn crossing and steep climb back out has been a feature of the Auchentoshan course for many years and so any change to the course was bound to cause a stooshie. Since the race, we've spoken to the event organiser, the commissaires and Scottish Cycling to discuss the matter and as promised, here is further information on the commissaire's decision and the committee's view.

On the morning of the race, the commissaires walked the course with the race organiser to review the risk assessment (compiled in advance of the event) in racing conditions. Three elements of the feature caused concern:
* Pallet covered in chicken wire at river crossing identified as a hazard.
* Drop from pallet (the height of the pallet 14cm) identified as a hazard.
* Water crossing identified as being not in line with Cyclocross rules (Scottish Cycling Technical Regulation 12.9.8: Courses shall not be directed through water where an alternative route avoiding it can be found).

To mitigate the hazards, the  event organiser suggested that a permanent first aid and marshalling point should be situated in the area. This was agreed with the commissaire. However, an alternative route was identified which took the course away from all of these hazards and the commissaire was asked by the organiser to decide which line to take. The commissaire took the latter option and this was agreed to by the organiser. The course was re-routed and a marshal moved to another point on the course.

The Scottish Cyclocross Association fully support the decision of the commissaire, who made their decision in the best interests of our riders.

The courses selected for the Scottish Cyclocross series have to cope with a variety of skills and experience - from the youngest of the U14s to the oldest of the V50s and from novices to Commonwealth Games athletes. They also have to cope with a continued increase in numbers that saw record numbers race at Auchentoshan this year. Furthermore, cyclocross as a sport has changed over the years with courses becoming "tamer" and it has carved out a distinct offroad niche, separate to XCO.

Scottish Cyclocross courses have changed too, with new courses being assessed for suitability before being used for a series race and we have seen a number of proposed courses rejected or fall out of use over recent years. However, it would be a great shame if a well loved courses like Auchentoshan were to lose their unique character and we hope that the Splosh can return to the 'Tosh in future.

Please feel free to get in touch using the Contact Us form over there on the right.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Dig in at the Dock - entry opens on 1st December

News fresh in from Dig in at the Dock:

ENTRY ANNOUNCEMENT - Entries for the race will open at 20:00 on Monday 1st December on Entry Central. There will be 100 places available on a first come first serve basis. When these places are gone you will be placed on the waiting list where we will send invites to another 40 or so riders. Your invites will last 24 hours. If you don't accept the invite in this time and place your entry then it will be offered to another rider.

Don't worry if you're not the fastest rider in the world. This doesn't necessarily reduce your chances of receiving an invite.

Just a reminder that we can't refund your entry once we have received it. We will not seek to replace you in the race. Instead your entry fee will go towards the cost of running the race. You can still come along and get your goody bag with your programme and other freebies in it.

Good luck everyone. Spread the word.

For the latest news, then Like the Dig in at the Dock Facebook Page.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Foxlake Cyclocross at the John Muir Winter Carnival

Thank you for entering FoxlakeCX for what will be an extravaganza of outdoor pursuits. Not only bike racing but loads of stuff for all the family as well as live coverage of the Milton Keynes round of the UCI Cyclocross World Cup.

The John Muir Winter Carnival this year will incorporate a Christmas traders market, Kids Fun Zone, various activity providers offering taster sessions, music and a licensed bar. The Winter Carnival aims to showcase all things East Lothian from its beautiful natural resource to its food and drink, all in the spirit of the great patron saint of the wilderness; John Muir.


Sign on will be located at the big blue and white easy up by the finish line near the Foxfall obstacle course.

Parking will be as with previous years at the stables.

U15 race Sign on opens at 10.00 am and will close 15 minutes before start time.
Race starts at 11.00 and will be 15mins + 1 lap

Senior race sign on opens 10.00 am and will close 15 minutes before start time.
Race starts at 12.00 noon and will be 55 minutes + 1 lap.

All updated info about the event can be found on the event Facebook Page.

Entrance to the site will be from the east gate which will be well signposted.

Address for SatNavs - Foxlake Adventures, Dunbar, EH42 1XF

Monday, 24 November 2014

Scottish Cyclocross Championships - Newsflash

News in from Scottish Cycling with a closing date extension for the Scottish Cyclocross Championships:

"Attention Cyclocross riders. We have had a number of enquiries from riders who have missed the closing of the entry for Cyclocross Scottish Championships at Knockburn Loch on the 7th Dec. Due to the confusion as to whether 00:00 is at the beginning or end of the day we will allow an extension to the enter the Cyclocross Championships. Any rider wishing to enter the Scottish Cyclocross Championships must email the event organiser by 23:59 today, Monday 24th November.

Emails must be sent to

You must provide the following information in the email
BC Member - Yes/No
BC Membership No:
Title (Mr/Mrs/Dr/Ms etc):
First Name:
Last Name:
Club/Team Name:
Your email must contain the above information and must be with the organiser by 23:59 today."

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lochore Meadows CX - Results

Results by myeventiming
U8s & U12s
Youths, Juniors, Women, Seniors, Veterans

Results split by category for each race can be viewed on the "Results by category" tab. Create a free MYLaps account for more race data. Any queries on results should be directed to Mark Young by email - click here.

League tables are updated automatically once results are finalised and can be found here.

Many thanks to Kinross CC and helpers for their infamous Spiral of Doom - and also our series sponsors - Ridley, Lazer and Madison.

Photos: Sue Steele

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Scottish Cyclocross Championships - Update

Update from Deeside Thistle on the forthcoming Scottish Champs:

As of today we have 296 entries for the Ridley Bikes Scottish Cyclocross Championships presented by Alpine Bikes at Knockburn Loch.

The Mens V40 is almost almost full, hitters are signing up for the Senior Open, and it looks like there's going to be a right good battle in the Women's races as well.

Entries on the BC Site close at 00:00 23/11/2014 (very late on Saturday night, hopefully after you've glued your tubs for Lochore Meadows) and there will be no late entries accepted. Start Sheets will then go to SC for ratification (only Full Race Licence members can compete for the Champs) and to MYeventtiming for timing purposes.

We have a course walk by Chief Commissaire, John Green, on Saturday. We have had almost two weeks of constant rain up here and the ground is extremely waterlogged, so we will be working with both John and Knockburn Loch to try and avoid damage to sections of the venue, while still retaining the new layout and fun sections.

Once the course is approved and we are informed about Assistant Commissaires we will send out the Rider Race Info Pack with directions, timing, course maps (sneak peak below) and prize list.

After that, it's race time. Well, after Lochore. Oh, and Fox Lake and the Milton Keynes World Cup...

Friday, 21 November 2014

Lochore Meadows - Provisional Timetable

Kinross Cycling Club have posted a provisional timetable for Sunday's race at Lochore Meadows. As always, keep an ear out for announcements on the day.

Click image for biggerer one.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Scottish Cyclocross Championships

There's now just a little over a month to go until  Deeside Thistle CC  host the Scottish Cyclocross Championship at  Knockburn Sports Loch  in Aberdeenshire on 7th December.

Make sure you keep up-to-date with latest news from #knocxburn by Liking the Facebook Event Page.

Online entry is open, but remember that as it's a Scottish Championship race, entry closes earlier than normal at midnight on Sunday 23rd November. In line with Scottish Cycling's rules, there will be no entry-on-the-day for any categories.

Scottish Cycling have eased the requirements for taking part in the Scottish Cyclocross Championships and unlike recent seasons, you will be able to race even if you do not meet the requirements to challenge for championship medals.

The Scottish Cyclocross Association would like to thank Scottish Cycling for this rule change.

Scottish Cycling's Technical Regulations can be downloaded here. The relevant rules are shown below and apply to all categories:

Rider Eligibility Criteria are listed in the Scottish Cycling Rulebook under Cyclocross Specific regulations. Briefly:

All SCU Championships shall be open to:
a) SCU/BCF members (members of clubs affiliated to the SCU)
b) Scottish Nationals (persons born in Scotland)
c) Scottish Residents (persons who have lived in Scotland for three of the
last five years)
d) Persons who have at least one parent who was born in Scotland.
e) Members of the armed forces who meet none of the above, but who by
necessity are required to live in Scotland away from their normal
Persons in sections (b), (c), (d) and (e) must be members of an UCI
recognised Cycling Federation.

British Cycling Race Silver and Race Gold Memberships (with an additional Full Race Licence) can compete in the Scottish Championships and are eligible for placings, points and prizes.

British Cycling Race Bronze, Silver or Gold Members racing on a Provisional Race Licence (included with BC Race Membership) can race in the Scottish Championships but are not eligible for placing, points or prizes.

Non members can pay a £3 British Cycling Day Membership fee (U12 Youth and Junior £1.50)  at sign on (which grants a one Day British Cycling Provisional Race membership) and can race in the Scottish Championships but are not eligible for placing, points or prizes.

U8 Riders do not require BC Membership

Entry for the Scottish Championships is by Online Entry only. Entries Close 2 weeks before the race (Midnight Saturday 22nd Nov 2014).

You must be a BC Member to use the Online Registration System, unless you are entering the U8 Race. However, If you are a non member, please email to enter, so we can manually enter your details for you. You will have to pay your Race Fee and Day Membership Fee at Sign On.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series Information.

The Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series 2014.

Scottish Cyclocross are delighted to announce a second season with Ridley and Lazer Helmets, which will encompass full series support as well as additional activity at non series events.
As well as having on course branding and and merchandising of the series, there will be spot prizes for Lazer helmets at each series race, this along with a fantastic season winning prize for Scotland's top Junior Male or Female in the shape of a Ridley X-Fire frameset (pictured) really lets you know where the heart of the brand is, and that is encouraging and assisting young Cyclocross talent in Scotland.

Having both Ridley and Lazer involved in Scottish Cyclocross in 2013 added such a dynamic and colourful addition to a scene that has truly developed here in Scotland.
You may be knee deep in Scottish mud, but now there is a part of you that will be forever Belgian again in 2014.

The Scottish series which has shown incredible participation of upwards of 400 competitors per event in 2013, as well as bringing young talent to the fore, has grown even further in 2014 with the first four Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series events this year having a total of over 1200 plus entrants.

From novice to International U.C.I professionals, the Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series is the ideal platform for a first race or indeed a season long challenge for series honours, there is a class and a race for everyone in this most inclusive of race series.
The remaining two series races will travel the length and breadth of the country between October and December, with rounds taking place in the following locations:


23rd Nov - Lochore Meadows
13th Dec - Glengorm Castle

7th Dec - Scottish Championships, Knockburn Loch

29th Nov – John Muir Winter Carnival Foxlake
14th Dec - Glengorm Castle
4th Jan - 2015 Dig In at the Dock Bo'ness

More races are being added to the 2015 cross calender, details correct at the time of going to press.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Wardell Wins at Warpspeed in Woodland Classic

Words:John McComisky

There was plenty to discuss before the any of the races had got under way for round four of the Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series. Riders were made aware on the morning of the race that the traditional venue would be bereft of it's classic feature of the steep banking ride down to the river bed and the monumental run up that has been a feature of the course for well over a decade. There pros and cons to the decision made, and as cyclocross riders, we will ride where ever the tape and stabs are laid out. The revised section of the course made the lap a lot shorter, and did not offer much in the way of a riding challenge, but Glasgow United, Stevie Couper and the band of helpers should be applauded for all the good work that has been done over the last few years to make good some technical switchback and added off camber that when even a little slippery do constitute a riding challenge.

On to the event itself, and close to 400 riders fronted up in the mild autumnal conditions to take on the Tosh, and its revised course.

In the Senior class Robert Wardell (Orange Monkey Pro Team) would be looking to take his third win of the year, and with Grant Ferguson a no show, his strongest challenge would come from a brigade of development riders such as Mark McGuire ( and Thomsons duo Jack Ravenscroft and Harry Johnston. Also making a welcome return to the series would be a bronzed David Lines (Starley Primal) fresh from vacation and a Friday night win at the Hallocross event put on by James McCallum.

With the course at it's most cut up all day Wardell was soon slugging it out with the young team and in particular McGuire, Ravenscroft. The top boys were hammering it up the slopes at the back of the course where a large and vocal crowd were in spirited heckling mode.

Off the pace but entertaining nonetheless Davie Lines treated the onlookers to as great display of wheelies while other just entertained by coming to grief on the slippery ramp. With McGuire the victim of a fall or two, Wardell wound up the wick to gap his pursuers by over a minute by race end. A deserved win on the type of course that the U.C.I Mountain bike rider simply revels in. A good second came from a really spirited McGuire and Harry Johnston, with Ravenscroft the victim of mechanicals.

I caught up with Wardell post race to get his thoughts on the day “It is always nice to take the win, but these young lads are really taking a race to me this year. I sometimes think that I am getting it easier with guys like Rob Friel, Gareth Montgomerie and other not doing the full series, but three wins from four aint too bad”

The V40 class had the organising Glasgow United riders out and about trying to stop the march of race wins collected by Gary McCrae (Leslie Bikes/Bikers Boutique). And take a race to them they certainly did Stevie Jackson has been the perennial thorn in the side to McCrae all season and has really stepped up to the mark by giving Gary the hardest challenge in recent races. He along with Hans Fourhaug, looked like they would have enough juice in the tank by race end and looked like a local win was on the cards. In the latter part of the race McCrae, who is also one of the top Mountain bike racers in the country, used this attribute and some slick overtaking to match the local boys and gave the last tatters of the race volgas to take the win, making up for the disappointment of a mechanical at Irvine. The race enthused race commentator Jammie Johnstone so much that he quipped that “They did it like they do on the Sporza Channel”.

A race that always has its thrills and spills is the Veteran Fifty, Women and Junior class. With the course in it's best shape of the day, Brenden Roe (Leslie Bikes/Bikers Boutique), who also had his daughter Eileen Roe (Team Wiggle Honda) lining up on the cross grid for the first time this year was in fighting form from the gun. He was kept honest early in the race though with his teamster Mark Barnett making his best showing of the year in second, this pair were well clear on the twisty woodland course from another good ride from .

The Women’s race proved to be a real dogfight with Isla Short (Team Thomsons) and Kerry McPhee (Rock and Road) locked in combat for the race duration, with the pair up close and personal in the woodland and dipper sections. The glory would go to Short however, and this win gave her three wins from the last three events entered. Maddy Robinson (VC Moulin) consolidated third and has been nothing if not consistent this year.

The Junior race, though lacking in numbers saw similar antics from Pearce Somerville (Thomsons Cycles) and Coner Nally (Hardie Bikes), this pair slugged it out until the final corner with Nally hitting the dirt and leaving Somerville to take the win.

The series takes a much needed break before it takes in the flatlands of Lochore Meadow, which returns to the series after a successful test event there last year.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Auchentoshan CX - Statement on Course Changes

The Scottish Cyclocross Association are aware of discussions (mainly in the Scottish cyclocross Facebook group) regarding the changes made to the course yesterday at Auchentoshan.

We will be speaking to the organisers and Scottish Cycling over coming days to discuss the matter and will post further information once it's available. In the meantime, please do not rush to judgement based on the limited number of facts that are circulating.

If you'd like to get in touch with the Scottish Cyclocross Association on any issues relating to the Scottish Cyclocross Series, then please use the Contact Us form over in the right hand of page.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Auchentoshan Cross - Results

Results by myeventiming
Youths, Juniors, Women, Seniors, Veterans

Results split by category for each race can be viewed on the "Results by category" tab. Create a free MYLaps account for more race data. Any queries on results should be directed to Mark Young by email - click here.

League tables are updated automatically once results are finalised and can be found here.

Many thanks to Glasgow United CC and helpers for another Clydebank classic - and also our series sponsors - Ridley, Lazer and Madison.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Auchentoshan - newsflash!

We've heard from Glasgow United CC, organisers of tomorrow's race at Auchentoshan, with an update on availability of on-the-day entries:

"Field size has had to be limited to 400 because of safety and car parking at/around the course. Due to overwhelming entry online there will only be room for the following entries on the day.

U8s space for 8 moreU12s space for 11 moreYouth space for 10 moreLV50J space for 11 moreV40-49 space for 9 moreSeniors space for 7 more

This is due to the way the chips/numbers are arranged ie- we cannot allow 1or2 in extra if we have less uptake in an earlier race. These are final figures, first come first served. I have responded by email to some riders who contacted me before Wednesday night when early entry was closed. If you have contacted me since then, and not heard back it is because A: you were too late and B: I have had to leave the small space above for on the day entry."

Online entry for remaining rounds of the series is encouraged...

And remember that the closing date for the Scottish Championships is two weeks before the race.

Provisional timetable - listen out for announcements on the day
08:20 Walk around - commissaires/chief Marshall and Stevie Couper
08:45 Race marshal briefing
08:45 Sign on 8s/12s/ youths open
09:00 U12s course complete
09:00 First aid
09:15 Under 8s /12s course open
09:20 Under 8s Sign on closed
09:35 Under 12s Sign on closed
09.50 Under 8s start
10:00 Under 8s Finish
10.05 Under 12s start
10:00 Youths Sign on closed
10:00 Women, Vet 50, Juniors Sign on open
10:00 Main course built
10:15 Under 12s Finish
10:20 Main course open for practice
10.30 Youths
10:35 Under 8s / 12s presentation
11:00 Women, Vet 50, Juniors Sign on closed
11:00 Vet 40 Sign on open
11:00 Youths Finish
11:15 Main course open for practice
11.30 Thomson’s cycles Women, Vet 50, Juniors
11:35 Youths Presentation
12:00 Vet 40 Sign on closed
12:00 Seniors Sign on open
12:10 Women, Vet 50, Juniors finish
12:15 Main course open for practice
12.30 Thomson’s cycles Vet 40
12:35 Women, Vet 50, Juniors Presentation
13:00 Open Sign on closed
13:10 Vet 40 finish
13:15 Main course open for practice
13.30 Thomson’s cycles Senior Open
14:30 open race finishes
14:50 Vet 40 presentation
14:55 Open presentation.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


With final preparations being made  to the woodland of Dalkeith Country Park, first time event organizer James McCallum has secured a blood curdingly goulish list of prizes and ghastly Hallocross course features, to keep you all entertained for the Eve of all Hallows. 

Headline sponsor will be Ian Brown from
He has put in a load of funding for infrastructure of the event, so the course and spectacle will have as professional a feel to it as possible, but also to make your fright night in the dark and dank Dalkeith as safe and fun as possible. 

Without the support of Ian and the Scottish trade and Cyclocross community, it would have been hard to pull this together. I want everyone to rock up in fancy dress, have a hoot, enjoy things like the Honey Stinger log jump and the Nightrider Steps. We will have loads of the course lit with glow sticks and have put together a safe, but tough course for the one hundred odd riders comented James.

Prize list is as below for both Male and is not all about winning, and there will be other little tricks and treats up for grabs during the evening.

1st - Oakley glasses, Mr Eions coffee Trophy, Bottle of Keglevavik vodka
2nd - £150 bike fit from Edinburgh Bike Fitting   Mr Eions coffee Trophy, Bottle of Keglevavik vodka
3rd - Pair of Cyclocross tyres Clement/ Vittoria and T-shirt from and

Fastest Male/Female £50 cash from R.A Cox Garage Equipment

Panache prize from 5 free yoga classes and Yoga Matt.

Best Fancy dress - Case of Rekordilick cider and Special secret prize.

Hole shot prize of a Lazer helmet from StudioVelo Castle Douglas

1st V40+ and V50+ gets a £50 from

Remember the gate to the Estate close at 7pm, and the race will creep and crawl  away from the Brig of Doom at 7.30pm...
Even if you are not riding, get a lot to holler and make a spectyrcal of yourselves.