Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Tuesday May 19th – Peebles Town Centre.

Words : John McComisky.
Images : Emily Linton.

Cyclocross here in Scotland is booming and banging at the moment with a plethora of individuals and clubs putting on new events at venues up and down the country for 2015 and into 2016.

A nice new addition has been the return of a cross type race to the Tweedlove Festival, and a first for Scotland with an urban, street stramash.

With a field of sixty plus riders entered on a real hotch-potch of hardware, with everything from hybrid road bikes, 29er MTB as well as the knobbly pure cross brigade, there was plenty of chatter at the Green in Peebles pre race of what was going to be the steed of the evening.

Aside from the bikes, the event really reached out in terms of inclusivity, with everything from World Cup Mountain Bikers, seasoned cross bods as well as run what ya brung racers who rocked up and cabled a number on for the first time.

And what of the course?....well it was a trully urban affair with plenty of surface change, some slalom, some punchy alleyway climbs as well as an ascent of the stairs at the “Church of the Holy Cross” before coming blinking into the night light and the main street.

The tough and relentless parcour did offer a truly fun  feature of the evening, where the local kids set out stall with a large armoury of water pistols to skoosh and target each and every rider. Urban racing feeds on the oxegen of the spectators even more than the riders itself and it made for a colourful sight to see so many of the families, who attended the social ride hanging back to make some proper noise and heckle the heat races and finals.

The races proper were fast and furious affairs with a 20 minute heat to weed out the top ten in each before a 40 minute final closed proceedings.

First heat win went to the ever smiling and talented Roger Campbell Crawford (Team Thomsons) who ripped the field apart with some bale jumping prowess, top female was the ever  impressive Lucy Grant (Peebles CC) who enjoyed some raucous support from her friends and family in the Tweed Valley to top the seven strong girls grid.

Heat Two saw  reigning Scottish Cyclocross Champion Rab Wardell (Dirtschool/Santacruz) roll out to the line with the likes of Craig Hardie (Hardie  Bikes), as well as the young team of Calum MacGowan and Stuart Wilcox, all eager to grab a spot in the final. Wardell was soon bossing it with a solid win, and was carving through the lapped riders with gusto, even having time to pop the odd wheelie in the process.

With the Peebles night air now starting to nip at the bones, the Le Mans charge along the main street soon warmed the colourful glut of riders as they headed out into the twists and turns and church steps portage. Wardell nailed it off the front with some spirited showmanship of Hardie, MacGowan and Campbell Crawford.

With plenty of scrapping going down the order the real winners were the spectators and organisers for grabbing the attentions of not only the public but even the local TV, who added even more kudos to the event.

Wardell, satisfied after his race win had this to say “ Quite simply these events are just so much fun, the area around here (Tweed Valley) really supports cycling, and the Tweedlove Festival just continues to grow with some World Class events over the fortnight, great event for the down and a challenging course”

The ride of the night had to go to the diminutive Lucy Grant who more than held  her own in amongst the top male finalists, even managing to nip prolific Scottish TT rider and erstwhile cross racer Gary Robson in the process.

With fading light the inaugural Lovecross was put to bed, heres hoping this is just the first stab at urban cross here, and sand pits, tabletops and even more tomfoolery can be added to future editions.

First Three in the first ever Lovecross:                
Men – 1st Rab Wardell, 2nd Craig Hardie, 3rd Calum MacGowan

Women – 1st Lucy Grant, 2nd Isla Rowntree, 3rd Caroline Harvey

Alford CX - Sat Oct 3rd 2015

Preparations for Alford CX, a new race hosted by Deeside Thistle Cycling Club on Saturday October 3rd at the Grampian Transport Museum in Alford, Aberdeenshire, are now well underway.
We are planning an A and B race format, similar to the racing at Foxlake CX - part of the John Muir Winter Carnival. We won’t be choosing races for riders, since ideally we’d like two full races (and you’re all adults). If you’re new to the sport, or have a few races under your belt and fancy a more mellow afternoon then the B-Race (50min) will suit you just fine. The A-Race (60min) will allow the hitters a chance to find out how their early season prep has gone, test new bikes and flash their new kit in the warm autumn Aberdeenshire sun… Basically, it’s an ideal final tune-up prior to the first race in the SCX Series at Callendar Park the following weekend.
For those of you who haven’t visited before, Grampian Transport Museum is a gem of a venue, with a tight tarmac motor racing circuit set in rolling grassy grounds. The track is used as the start of the KOM Sportive, and hosts a number of Youth Races (including Grampian Youth Crits this weekend). Expect a tight, fast CX course with mud, steep run-ups and a lot of off-camber grassy berms and banks. For spectators, it offers a rare chance to watch 90% of the racing from the comfort of a grandstand seat.
We’d like to encourage folk to make a day of it and discover what Alford has to offer - local businesses have been supportive of the Knockburn Race in the past, and the village has a lot to offer. The, Heritage Museum and the exhibits at the Transport Museum itself will keep non-cyclists occupied, while Haughton and Murray Parks (200m from the venue) offer miles of trails, single track and woody, muddy fun for riders and dog walkers to explore. Haughton Park also has a beautiful campsite in an old walled garden for folk wanting to make a weekend of it. You may even meet the Alford Stormtrooper…
Because of the nature of the course (in a stadium setting) we will have to tape almost the entire course, both sides. If there are any companies/individuals out there who could to help us by supplying some of your branded course tape we would be extremely grateful - we’ve left plenty space on our flyer for sponsor logos.
Event timing and entry details will be available in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tonight - Lovecross, Peebles!

Brand new for 2015, Love Cross is an exciting, fun packed, rip-roaring, urban cyclocross inspired event based in the heart of Peebles. Building on the success of the popular Peebles Sprint, Love Cross takes the best elements and hurls them into a non-stop, action packed, open to all, battle for the podium. Almost as exciting to watch as it is to enter, but only almost.

The spectacle begins with a Le Mans style start along the High Street before competitors get on their bike to face the course ahead – the course will utilise Peebles High Street, Tweed Green and the steps and alley ways running between the two. A mixture of fast open sprints, tight corners, steps, cobbles, paving, man made berms, sand pits and multiple line choices.  The route will be entirely on tarmac, there will be a fair amount of climbing on and off the bike and running on the tarmac so please wear shoes that you’ll be happy running in! Whilst this event means business, and there’s a podium to reach for, it’s really all about the fun. There’s nothing the average rider can’t tackle and getting off and running is all part of the plan! Riders can face the course on any type of bike, each having its own advantages and shortfalls. The short, fast paced action will leave you desperate for more.

If you’re not riding get trackside to cheer the competitors on. Soak up the atmosphere and get the cowbells at the ready!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Thanks Glasgow United Cycling Club

The SCX committee would like to thank Glasgow United CC for the donation to the association funds.

A spokesperson for GUCC said "We have found ourselves to be in credit after the last few years of holding our event at Auchentoshan, due mainly to larger entries, and wish to put that back into the cyclocross association. We hope that the 'Tosh will be back next year once the building work has been completed."

AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Scottish Cyclocross Association AGM 15th March 2015 

Committee Present:

Ainsley Turbitt, Jac Marquis, James McCallum


Mark Young, Dave Hamill, Andrew Bell, John McComisky, Gordon Watt, Paul Davies, Fiona Walker, John Myerscough, Jim Murray


Davie Graham, Martin Steele, Steven Turbitt, James Melville, Jammy Johnstone, David Mason 

Agenda items discussed:


John has stepped down. No other changes to committee at this time.

Secretary’s report:

Apologies for so few of the committee being present. Last season continued to build on previous with increased numbers and good racing throughout. Highlight of the season was the understanding of everyone over the incident with Jammy at the champs. It’s unfortunate that Auchentoshan is missing this year but hopefully with the proliferation of non-series races we can have a good season from September through to February. Anyone considering organising a race should contact Davie to try to avoid clashes. 

Provisional series calendar for 2015 season:

October 11th Callendar Park
October 25 Knockburn Loch
November 8th Strathclyde Park
November 22nd Lochore Meadows
December 6th Irvine: champs and series races
December 12th Cross at the Castle, Mull 

Financial report:

The 2014 season finished in the green but only by £230 - largely due to the success of selling SCX merchandise. Staying out of the red in future depends on sustaining rider numbers. Series race organisers pay a small levy of £1.20 to SCX for each adult rider. SCX in turn help cover the cost of timing chips currently £1 per rider. In future SCX may have to review the levy – this would require a new levy form to be produced. 
Committee suggest adult pre event entry to stay at £14 but entry on the day should be raised significantly to further encourage pre entry which helps organisers.
An attendee suggested racers would be likely to accept a higher entry fee (to £15) on the understanding that the extra was to go directly to SCX for the specific purpose of enhancing SCX with more and better events.
An attendee suggested that SCX should communicate the SCX aspiration for sustaining and growing the sport and the need for funds to do that. 
It was suggested that although some events would be running at breakeven, others have a surplus and they may want to invest in SCX future. 


To be put out to tender as it is each year.

Format of the SCX series:

An attendee suggested that having separate kids races should be considered, pointing out that it would be easier for organisers to put on adult events if they were separate. 
Committee confirmed that the 2015 season will have the same format as last season. Same race categories and run under Scottish Cycling.
Committee explained they consider it important to have the kids races as they were important for the future of the sport and encourage parents to race too. 
Concern was raised at the lack of current series venues and the reluctance of non-series organisers to consider running a series race due to the extra work involved conformed to SC rules. 
Committee explained they consider at the moment that operating under SC had advantages including allowing racers to earn BC points. 
Committee confirmed they would go with another organisation such as TLI if they considered it would be best for SCX but the current format under SC is currently considered best. 
Fiona Walker was asked to take away an action point to find out of SC would accommodate a SCX series without kids races taking palace in same event as adult series just to clarify if it was possible under SC. 
Fiona also asked to clarify if non-series races get same BC points as a series race.

SCX aspirations for the future:

An attendee explained that he wanted the sport to grow but also wanted SCX to feel the same fun at events. 
The Committee explained that the current race venues and organisers have achieved so much over the last few seasons that we are now close to a point where the existing venues and organisers just can’t grow very much bigger because of maximum numbers venues can handle.
SCX want to encourage new organisers and venues. It is expected that they would demonstrate success with at least one non-series event before being considered to join SCX series. 
SCX committee currently offer advice and support to Organisers.
An attendee suggested that clubs might be encouraged to pool resources and put on new events.
An attendee suggested SCX ask SC to encourage clubs to put on CX events – one in each of the new regions for example. Fiona confirmed SC are already doing a lot of work in developing CX including with recent successful Youth and Women’s coaching events plus several go cross events and that it can be hard trying to force clubs to hold CX races when they are perhaps not familiar with the format.
SCX explained that organisers often struggle to get enough volunteers to cover the officials jobs at a CX event. It was suggested that more could be done to encourage racers to take a turn and help out as volunteers.
SCX want to know what racers value most and what direction they want the sport in Scotland to go. Use of an online survey was suggested. For consideration by the committee. 

Other Business:

Champions jersey was discussed. The committee explained the problems associated with this include cost of having jerseys printed with riders/team/club sponsors logos and the number of categories required. Also, as the champs is officially an SC race it should be up to them. No further action at this time. 
One attendee requested publishing separate V60 results – no request for a separate prize-giving. Mark Young said this was possible and agreed to take that forward. 
One attendee suggested SCX should consider expanding its equipment inventory (eg. Clocks, banners etc) in order to help organisers and to enhance the feel or the event by making it more slick. The committee welcomed this suggestion confirming that they are keen to help organisers and want to help encourage local communities to come along to spectate. A good looking event would help with that. Funds/storage and transportation barriers were discussed but suggestions of free storage and suggestions of grant money were made. For consideration by the committee. 
A suggestion of having a SCX race/event group under the SCX Committee was made. That group would be focussed on helping organisers put on a successful event. Committee indicated that although the committee is all volunteers, they do already work with organisers. Setting up a separate sub-committee seemed a bit out of scope at the moment but they would be happy to continue to working closely with organisers. 
Deeside Thistle are about to give donation to Braemar Mountain Rescue Team.


Phil Glennie of Braemar Mountain Rescue Team for fast action and excellent care at Knockburn Loch.
Volunteers, landowners and racers who helped out at races.
Jim Cameron for all his poster work.
The sponsors for their sponsorship of the series.
Jammy for his ongoing work at every event.
All the committee were thanked for their work throughout the year 
Committee’s closing remarks:
Everyone was thanked for traveling and attending

Monday, 16 March 2015

Provisional Cyclocross Calendar 2015/2016 (Updated)

Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series

Oct 11th - SCX1 Callendar Park
Oct 25th - SCX2 Knockburn Loch
Nov 08th - SCX3 Strathclyde Park
Nov 22nd - SCX4 Lochore Meadows
Dec 06th - SCX5 Irvine - incorporating the Scottish Cycling Cyclocross Championships
Dec 12th - SCX6 Mull 

Scottish Non-Series Races

May 19th - Lovecross, Peebles
Aug 01st - Haugh+Cross
Sep 12th - Glasgow Cross
Sep 19th - Bute Cross
Sep 26th - ERC Inch Park
Oct 04th - Alford Cross
Oct 18th - Kick in the Knock
Dec 13th - Mull
Jan 17th - RGCX 

National Races

Oct 11th National Trophy 1 - Southampton
Oct 25th National Trophy 2 - Derby
Nov 08th National Trophy 3 - Durham
Nov 29th National Trophy 4 - Ipswich
Dec 13th National Trophy 5 - Bradford
Jan 09th & 10th National Championships - Shrewsbury
Jan 17th National Trophy 6 - Milton Keynes 
Davie Hamill is also maintaining an online Scottish Cyclocross Racecalendar.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Scottish Cyclocross AGM 2015

The 2015 Scottish Cyclocross Association AGM will be held on Sunday 15th March at 15:00 at the Low Port Centre in Linlithgow.

The GP Room
Low Port Centre
1 Blackness Road
West Lothian
EH49 7HZ
View on Google Maps

Come along and help shape the Scottish Cyclocross series for the 2015 season and beyond. If you're planning to attend then please let us know by using the Contact Us form.

p.s. you can find minutes from the 2014 AGM here.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Rouken Glen CX - Results

Results by myeventiming
A Race
B Race

Results split by category for each race can be viewed on the "Results by category" tab. Create a free MYLaps account for more race data. Any queries on results should be directed to Mark Young by email - click here.

Many thanks to Jim and his Big Orange Bobble Hatted team for a great day of racing in the snow at Rouken Glen Park. Thanks too to East Renfrewshire Council, Big Bobble HatsDales Cycles and West Brewery.

Photo courtesy dR j0n

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Rouken Glen CX

Here we go, the inaugural Rouken Glen Cyclocross (RGCX) is just a week away.
Welcome to the rider information pack.

RGCX, in Rouken Glen Park, just 10km south of Glasgow city centre, bound the west by the M77 and to the south by a railway to Glasgow Central has to be one of the most accessible cyclocross courses in Scotland.

Stick G46 7LL into the sat nav and follow the machine. Full address is:
Rouken Glen Park, Rouken Glen Rd, Giffnock, East Renfrewshire, G46 7LL

There are two free car parks in Rouken Glen Park; the main one at the garden centre and a second one at the east lodge (veterinary surgery). The map at the bottom of this pack indicates their location.

For the Main Car Park - From junction 3 off the M77 head east along Nitshill Rd (A727), straight over the round about and then your first right will take you to the garden centre car park. It is signposted “Rouken Glen Park Main Entrance”. Post Code - G46 7UG

Failing that, continue east along Nitshill Rd (A727) for 500m take another right into the east lodge car park signposted “Rouken Glen Park East Lodge”. Post Code - G46 7JZ

Failing that, there is also free on-street parking along Davieland Road which runs along the eastern edge of the park. Please take extra care if you choose to park on Davieland Road. Post Code – G46 7LL

RGCX has it’s very own train station, Whitecraigs which has trains travelling into Glasgow Central. Trains typically take 20 minutes to get to Whitecraigs from Glasgow Central.

Once parked up please make signing on to receive your timing chip and race number your priority. Everything after that will fall gloriously into place. There will be signs guiding you to the RGCX arena from the car parks. Can I ask kindly that the A racers wait until 10.30 to go to sign on to allow the B racers to sign on first. The sign on will be in the race arena just near the waterfall in the south of the park. It will be under a Dales Cycles gazebo. It’s marked on the map below by a purple star.

The timings for the day are as follows:

Please make the most of the open course for practice and respect other competitors by leaving the course once it is closed. Announcements will be made to confirm when the course is open and closed.

In an attempt to get a good spread of the field at the start and to mitigate bunching at the first turn we’ve an uphill ‘tarmac’ start chute. Think Spa-Francorchamps, just a bit more glamorous. This will be the only time you come up this hill. Getting there is easy.

From the sign on area you will notice a gravel track heading west, away from the waterfall. Head along that; it takes you along to the golf course. Continue down the track and it will disappear down the hill quite quickly. There’s a slight opening at the bottom where it starts to level out. There will be signage and grid lines on the ground to indicate the start area, please continue past that to the muster area. This will be about 50m past the start line. Please wait there until you are called up to the start line.

Please make your way there 15mins before the start of the race. A marshal will be on hand with a big bucket to take jackets etc. which you can collect at the sign on tent post race at your convenience. Again this is marked on the map below by a yellow dot.

Grassy, gravelly, muddy, rooty, hilly, rad, repeat. Have a look at the course map below.

There are public toilets at the back (roadside) of the Boathouse Café situated on the eastern side of the boating lake (see map below highlighted in blue).

The Boathouse Café has said they are happy for muddy cross hooligans to go over get warm and get some food (see map below highlighted in blue).WHAT HAPPENS IF I WIN?

YOU GET PRIZES! Cash prizes will be given for the top 3 riders in the A race and for the top 3 male and top 3 female riders of the B race. Prize giving will take place for both the A & B races straight after the A race.

Even if you don’t win you may still get BEER. The good folks at WEST Beer have kindly supplied us with St Mungos. To claim your free beer look out for the ‘BEER HAND UP’ guy giving out tickets. (Please note drinking in the park is not allowed, you do so at your own risk)

Yes of course, please bring as many fans, friends, personal photographers, past lovers, colleagues as you like. Please encourage them to bring instruments of all ilk to make a racket and encourage you and your fellow racers.

Yes of course, please bring encourage all you photographer pals to come along. Cyclocross is definitely the best form of cyclesport for photographers, loads of weird and wonderful stuff goes down and you see riders again and again throughout the race.

This year, borrowed from my brothers that bring you DIATD, I’m excited to announce, and also as a matter of courtesy, that we will have a drone pilot and videographer filming the races. I believe this is a first (don’t tell me if I’m wrong, I like the bragging rights) for Scottish Cyclocross and is definitely going to boost the promotion of our beautiful sport. Look out for the videos post race!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Dig In at the Dock - Results

Results by myeventiming
All categories

Results split by category for each race can be viewed on the "Results by category" tab. Create a free MYLaps account for more race data. Any queries on results should be directed to Mark Young by email - click here.

Many thanks to Dave, John and their army of helpers, plus Pedal Power and the many sponsors for providing an astounding array of prizes.