Thursday, 16 August 2007

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Anonymous said...

What are the age restrictions for Under 12 events? My 9 year old took part in an under 10 event at Linwood which was meant to be for children born in 2000 or earlier but there where children born in 1999 racing who where already 10?

Anonymous said...

Hello, and that is a good question, I think that to make all (not just cross) youth racing fairer, the organisers should check birthdays at sign on.
For road and track, it is whatever age the kid is on Jan 1st (on the current year), and he counts as that age for the rest of that year, so it pays to be born on Jan 2nd! For cyclo cross, I was told it was whatever age they were on August 1st, but I'm not sure about that. This system, although not perfect, is better than "born 1996" etc.

Anonymous said...

Is Sundays support race open and suitable for a first time crosser, on a mountain bike ? I was planning on coming along just to watch but noticed this support race.

martysavalas said...

I reckon Sunday's support race would be an ideal place to try out cross for the first time. A mountain bike will be fine, but see the guidance on removing mudguards in one of the Scottish Champs articles - All external fittings such as mud/crud guards/racks/lights etc should be removed prior to each event with pumps/spare tubes/bottles etc securely fastened to the bicycle. If in doubt ask one of the Commissaires.

See you on the start line!

Anonymous said...

I raced on Sunday and had a whale of a time.

One of the key factors was that there was a support race prior ro the main event so I was able to enjoy myself racing peers instead of getting lapped repeatedly by whippets. :-)

It also allowed me to spectate as well as race.

Are there plans to run races in the 2010 season in a similar manner?

martysavalas said...

We'll need to review the season past (once it's passed) and see what event organisers want to do. We'll also ask people on the website what they think.

I suspect the increase in numbers we've seen this year means that the main race will have to be split, but how that's done is tricky.

Glad you enjoyed yourself, still time to get to Mull.

Anonymous said...

When are the full results from Glenrothes expected?

martysavalas said...

Expecting them very soon - as it's a championship event they might have to go to Scottish Cycling first.

I'll stick them up as soon as I get them (unless they arrive after I've left for Mull).