Thursday, 16 August 2007


Our races are run under Scottish Cycling's Technical Regulations - you can find the latest available regulations here. Competitors should familiarise themselves with the rules before racing.

The Scottish Cyclocross season consists of six series events and a Scottish Championships event plus other non-series events. A season long league runs in open and age related categories with some some top-notch prizes on offer. The final standings are based on your best five results over the six races in the series. If you ride fewer than five races then they will all count - there is no minimum number of rounds and no mandatory rounds. We aim to publish an updated series standing on the website as soon as we can after race weekends.

Scottish Cycling Championship races are subject to Scottish Cycling's eligibility rules - please check here for details.

All bikes are allowed at SCX races (as long as they're safe for you and others) - cyclocross, mountain bikes, BMXs, even your Mum's old shopping bike. Courses favour those on cyclocross bikes – choose your weapon wisely!

Each race in the series is officiated by a suitably qualified British Cycling commissaire. The commissaire are there to ensure that races are safe and fair. The majority of the commissaires covering SCX events are current or former cyclocross racers, so understand what makes a good race. Please listen to any instructions that the commissaire might give you on race day. Commissaires will be happy to answer any questions you have about the event, please don't hesitate to speak to them at any time (but remember that it can get a bit hectic right at the start of a race).


Anonymous said...

Can you advise if there are any restrictions re disc brakes and flat bars? I presume bar ends are not allowed but can I run flat bars?

martysavalas said...

Hi Anonymous!

There are no restrictions on bikes used in Scottish CX races, except that any non-standard wheels must meet UCI regulations (see here for more information -

So flat bars, barends and disc brakes all allowed.

Please make sure you have bar end plugs fitted as unplugged bars pose a risk of injury to youselves and others if there is a crash.

Anonymous said...

Is it still OK to enter on the day if you don't have a racing license? I assume there will be an extra cost for this?


crosser nut said...

Hi Dave,
There is no Entry on the Line even if you have a racing licence, no day licences either.

crosser nut said...

Age restrictions, someone asked about age restrictions but I managed to lose their question...

Anyway here are the age rules from the BC site

Under 10 born in 2000 or later
Under 12 born in 1998 or later
Youth born 1994 to 1997
Youth - Under 14 born 1996 or 1997
Junior born 1992 or 1993
Senior born 1991 or earlier
Under 23 born 1988 to 1991
Veteran born 1969 or earlier

crosser nut said...

It is your age on the first of September that counts for the age categories.

Colin said...

'crosser nut' - Your post 28th Sept states that there is no entry on the line but Entry Central says that you can. There was entry on the line last year. Is this a change.

martysavalas said...

crosser nut's comment of 28/09 refers to the Scottish Championships race at Glenrothes only.

On day entry is available as per info in the Scottish Cycling event calendar which you can access using the "Event and Entry Details" link.

Opie said...

Are we required to hold a British Cycling membership in order to compete? Additionally, in the event that we must, what sort of race licenses must we hold? The British Cycling website says you can purchase one day licenses at a particular event, does this hold true for this series? or is there a Scottish Cycling license?

thanks from a confused Yank.

martysavalas said...

Hi Opie!

You can race any event except the Scottish Championships at Glenrothes in the series by purchasing a day licence. To be take part in the Scottish Championships race you have to hold a full racing licence and meet other eligibilty requirements. We'll be putting an article about the Championships shortly.

British/Scottish Cycling are one and the same in terms of licensing, so a British Cycling silver/gold membership would get you a provisional race licence for use throughout the UK.

Please get in touch if we can help more.

Anonymous said...

Hello - looking for advice. Was pulled over at Mugdock for having a rear mudguard on my MTB by the race commissioner and told that these were not permitted. I've checked the rule book both for scottish cycling and british cycling and cannot see any such restriction or rule mentioned. Why did this happen? Is it a safety issue? Thanks

johnrobertparkinson said...

Hi Anonymous. I was the lad pulled straight after you for my pannier rack. In my case I thought fair enough - perhaps a bit dangerous if someone fell on it - 'H&S gone mad' etc. In your case, perhaps they thought your lack of a soggy backside was giving you an unfair advantage?? Tee hee


Anonymous said...

trust me - lack of a soggy butt was not giving me any advantage. :o)
I'm just curious where this rule came from. I'm a qualified cycling coach and therefore feel its important to understand the rulebook - so can anyone explain this to me.

Anonymous said...

There are some very generic cross discipline BC rules - on BC website just search for rules

3.2.7 Pumps, spare tyres and race computers must be
securely fastened. All other equipment not essential
for racing purposes must be removed.

3.2.9 Where a rider is found to be using a machine which in
the opinion of the Chief Commissaire presents a
danger to himself or others he shall be withdrawn from
the event and reported to the Region issuing the

3.2.10 It is the responsibility of the competitor and/or the
parent or guardian in the case of under 18s, to ensure
that for every race held under these regulations his
cycle is in a safe condition.

Anonymous said...

Ahh - that explains the decision. It basically came down to a safety call. I hadn't looked in the generic rules but had only looked at the CX specific rules. Okay - that clears that one up for me. Thank you very much for responding.

martysavalas said...

Thanks for doing the leg-work for me whilst I was away from a PC! :)

The commissaire is boss on the day, so if you have any doubts or queries about equipment or anything else then please feel free to ask them directly.

Anonymous said...

hi what are the gear restrictions for a youth a (under 16)

sam from mull