Thursday, 15 October 2009

Auchentoshan Preview

After a record breaking start to the 2009 Scottish Cyclocross Series at Plean , racing resumes this Sunday 18th October, with Round 2 at Auchentoshan, Glasgow. 

The course at Auchentoshan is an absolute classic and favourite of many a ‘crosser. It offers up a healthy mix of fast, flowing woodland singletrack, pavement, grass, cheeky off camber sections, obligatory barriers and not forgetting a super steep (but thankfully short) run up. The course flows beautifully and with fair weather forecast for the weekend, the going will likely be firm and racing fast and furious. Davie Graham and promoting club Glasgow United have put together a sneak preview of the course (in most un-cross like conditions!) – watch it here.

Racing starts at 11am with the Youths race, followed by the Seniors/Womens/Vets/Juniors Race at 12pm and U12s races at 1.15pm (or there about). Entry is available on the day and is a veritable bargain at £4 for Youths, £8 for the main race and free for U12s.  

The SCX Shop will also be in attendance, with an assortment of fine on and off the bike attire.

A wee heads-up for first timers at Auchentoshan - there are no changing or toilet facilities at the race venue.

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