Friday, 23 October 2009

Glenmore Lodge CX Important Announcement

Glenmore Lodge Cyclocross Weekend, UPDATE.

Due to increased numbers at this year SCX races the main race at Glenmore Lodge on both Saturday and Sunday needs to be split.

The timetable for the weekend is as follows.

Round 4 Saturday 31 Oct
11:00 Youth
12:00 Vets, Women, Juniors
13:30 Seniors
15:00 under 12's

18:00 Fancy Dress Night Cross

Round 5 Sunday 1st Nov
10:00 Youth
11:00 Vets, Women, Juniors
12:30 Seniors
14:00 under 12's

the Glenmore singletrack awaits you


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, is it the same course both days?

chrisD said...

Hello, the courses will contain some of the same elements but not identical. Fast tarmac, skinny singletrack, grassy switchbacks, hurdles and a near vertical wall of a climb. Fast and furious racing should proceed

Fraser said...

Hi. Will the separate vets, women and junior race still be 1 hour or reduced to 40 mins?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of entering this, what is the skill/fitness levels like? Is it doable on a SS mtb?

martysavalas said...

> what is the skill/fitness levels like?
at the front - excellent/high. at the back not bad/bad. :)

course is a lot less technical than an average Scottish XC course. course was all rideable (apart from the hurdles) on a SS cx bike last year (42:20).