Sunday, 4 October 2009

Plean Cross - a quicky

Wow - what a start to the 2009 Scottish Cross Series! Blue skies, great course and organisation, fab atmosphere, cracking racing and record entries!

Full report, final results and piccis on the way but in the meantime here's a quick run down of the podium positions:

Open Men
1. James Fraser-Moodie (Pedal Power)
2. Paul McInally (Rock and Road Cycles)
3. Craig Hardie (Hardie Bikes)

Open Women - UPDATE
1. Ruth Fraser-Moodie (Pedal Power)
2. Maddy Robinson (Velo Club Moulin)
3. Brenda Calender (Stirling Tri Club)

Vet Men
1. Gary Macrae (Leslie Bike Shop)
2. Iain Nimmo (Squadra Porcini)
3. Steve Nicholson (Dumfermline CC)

Junior Men
1. Kenta Gallagher (777 Racing)
2. Lewis Kirkwood (Glentress Riders)
3. Andrew Leith (Discovery CC)

Youth Boys
1. Scott Lindsey (I Cycles)
2. Stuart Mcluskey (VC Glasgow South)
3. Tom Arnstein (Velo Ecosse)

Youth Girls
1. Louise Borthwick (Edinburgh RC)
2. Rebecca Leith (Discovery JCC)
3. Catherine Angus (Carnegie Cyclones)

1. Jamie Willoughby (Drumlanrig)
2. Emma Borthwick (Edinburgh RC)
3. Erica Allen (Wallace Warriors)

1. Cameron Mellis (Carnegie Cyclones)
2. Joshua Graham (Peebles)
3. Murray McNeish (Wallace Warriors)

1. George Southby (East Bradford)
2. Abie Stewart (Glasgow Riderz)
3. Murray Fotheringham (Glasgow Riderz)

Note: all results are provisional


Marie Dwivkidz said...

Great event and well done getting the results up so fast. George 'Sudbey' spelt 'Southby' however!

martysavalas said...

Thanks Marie - now corrected. These are just quick results as taken down by our ace reporter.

We'll publish full results as soon as they're available.

bazzargh said...

BTW I put up a video of today's action - I was mostly filming a couple of mates but theres good shots of the start and the win.
Here it is.