Sunday, 15 November 2009

Scottish Cycling Cyclocross Championships

The 2009 Scottish Cycling Cyclocross Championships will be held on Sunday 6th December at Riverside Park, Glenrothes in an event hosted by Kirkcaldy & District CC. The race is the highlight of the Scottish cyclocross season and the big guns will all be out to add a Scottish title to their palmares.

The course at Riverside Park is a well loved classic which has been used for the Scottish Championship on a number of occasions. It's a mix of grass and fast gravel sections with a sprinkling of singletrack. It's a great test of a cyclocrosser and the champions will have truly earned their medals.

The entry requirements to qualify for the Championship races are as follow:
  • You MUST pre-enter. The closing date for this event is 28th November 2009. Entry details can be found here and you can find an standard Scottish Cycling entry form here
  • Note that pre-entry applies to U12s race too.

  • Competitors in all Scottish Cycling Championships other than Time Trials and Team Time Trials are required to have a full British Cycling/Scottish Cycling or UCI racing licence.
  •  Scottish Cycling Championships are open to:
    (a) Scottish Cycling/British Cycling members (members of clubs affiliated to Scottish Cycling)
    (b) Scottish Nationals (persons born in Scotland)
    (c) Scottish Residents (persons who have lived in Scotland for three of the last five years)
    (d) Persons who have at least one parent who was born in Scotland
    Persons in sections (b), (c)  and (d) must be members of the UCI recognised Cycling Federation in their country of residence.
    (Source: Scottish Cycling, The Little Blue Book, 2009)
National championship categories are individual seniors, juniors, youth A, B and C and women. You can find information on the British Cycling age categories for cyclocross here. The Scottish Cyclocross Association have raised a motion for the forthcoming Scottish Cycling AGM to introduce championship categories for veterans. Please ask your club representative at the AGM to support this motion.

Can winners of the U12s races last year, please return the trophies to the organiser or a SCX committee member at Dundee, Irvine or before the races start at Glenrothes.

For senior/veteran racers who do not qualify for the championships, there will be a support race immediately before the main race of the day. This will be open to everyone (with a day membership/licence if necessary) and can be entered on the day.

The provisional programme for the day is as follows:

11.00  Youth A & B Scottish Championships. (full course) 25 mins + 1 lap
11.45  Under 12 Scottish Championships. (short course) 15 mins + 1 lap (plus guided initial lap)
12.10  Course open for familiarization for support and main race
12.20  Presentation of Youth A and B Medalists at finish area (and youth prizes as soon as results available)
12.25  Presentation of Youth C Medalists at Finish area (and youth prizes as soon as results available)
12.30  Support race (full course) 40 mins + 1 lap
13.20  Course open for familiarization for main race
13.45  Scottish Championships (full course) 50 mins + 1 lap
14.45  Presentation of Women's Medalists at Finish area
14.50  Presentation of Junior Medalists at Finish area
14.55  Presentation of Senior Medalists at Finish area
15.30  Refreshments, Results and Prize presentation at Pavilion for other events


Anonymous said...

If the support race is only 40 mins will there be a corresponding 20% reduction in entry fee?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to the entry form?

Anonymous said...

Link to entry form for the Scottish Champs.