Wednesday, 3 February 2010

First 'cross of the Year

Details of The Tri Centre's 'cross race at Meadowmill Sport Centre, Prestonpans on 28th February.

Meadowmill Sports Centre, 28th February 2010
Youth 11:00
Seniors 12:30
Showers, changing and cafe available.
£10 / £12

Meadowmill was a regular on the Scottish circuit for a number of years and The Tri Centre are promising a new twist on an old favourite. Historians have unearthed some footage from 2002 - click here!


dougal.s said...


Seriously, 2002 was the year I won the Scottish Champs as a junior, I'd love to know if there's more footage kicking around. (Have own digitisation facilities)

Jim J said...

Does this event have a Youth event or Junior? A recent email from The Tri Centre says Youth but here is say Junior.
Jim J

martysavalas said...

Sorry, should have said youth. Article now corrected.