Monday, 27 September 2010

2010 Scottish Cyclocross Series

The Scottish Cyclocross Series will be decided by the best seven results from eleven races. The Scottish Championships do not count towards the series. There are separate leagues for Women, Youths, Juniors, Seniors & Veterans.

League points will be allocated as follows:

Seniors, Veterans & Youths

Position   Points

1               40
2               34
3               30
4               26
5               23
6               20
7               18
8               16
9               14
10             12
11             10
12               9
13               8
14               7
15               6
16               5
17               4
18               3
19               2
20               1

Women & Juniors

Position Points

1               20
2               16
3               12
4                 9
5                 7
6                 5
7                 4
8                 3
9                 2
10               1

Results and league tables will be available on the Scottish Cyclocross website as soon as possible after each event.

Veterans Category

Due to the increase in numbers seen during the 2009 season, the Veterans category will be run separately from the Seniors race at all rounds of the 2010 series. The Veterans will race alongside Women and Juniors and race duration will be 40 minutes + 1 lap.

Veterans can choose to race the Senior race, but points will only be awarded for the relevant league - i.e. race in Veterans race, score points for Veterans league / race Seniors, score points for Seniors league. If any hardy Veterans choose to enter both races on the day, then points will be scored in both leagues.

Timing System

We are trialling a brand new timing system for the 2010 series. Developed for Scottish Cyclocross and based on proven technology, this system will relieve organiser of the difficult task of manual lap scoring and will allow accurate results to be published quickly. The team developing the system are experienced race organisers in their own right and will be providing a manual back-up at all rounds.


Colin said...

Can't wait! See you all there.


Anonymous said...

Any views on how to work out final placings in the event of a tie? With the possibility of riders choosing events to make up the seven it could happen.

martysavalas said...

In the unlikely event of that happening we'll use the recognised British / Scottish Cycling method - can't find this info online tonight, but I'd imagine it's a countback based on event results.

john said...


With reference to "Veterans can choose to race the Senior race", can Seniors choose to race in the Vets race instead? Or are Senior Cat riders confined to the Sen race only?



martysavalas said...

John - Seniors race only.

john said...

Cheers martysavalas.

Anonymous said...

What time do racers need to arrive to sign on? I haven't raced cx before. Is it necessary to come before the first race, or sufficient to turn up 30mins before the category I would be entering?

Obviously I appreciate that it is better for the sport if all riders come to support the other categories, and I will try to do that.

martysavalas said...

Generally speaking, sign-on will close 30 minutes before each race (or when race reaches capcity). If we hear differently from organisers we'll post up.

Supporting is definitely the way to go. Bring cowbells!

Big Bob said...

What do you mean when the race reaches capacity? Are their restrictions on the size of the fields in each race? If so definately need to get there early then!

martysavalas said...

I think it's unlikely that we'll see any races turn people away this year (think it only happened at Plean last year) as a result of us splitting the juniors, veterans and women categories into a separate race.

We'd need to see a significant increase in numbers to get back towards unmanagable numbers - I mentioned as it is an outside possibility...

crosser nut said...

or pre enter by sending a cheque to the organiser beforehand