Sunday, 3 October 2010

Meadowmill Quickie

The first round of the 2010 Scottish Cyclocross series kicked off at Meadowmill near Prestonpans today. Full report, results and all the rest will be online soon.

Photo by Walkers CC

Provisional podiums:

1. Stuart Wearmouth (MTS Cyclesport)
2. Steven Ward (MTS Cyclesport)
3. Craig Hardie (Hardie Bikes)

1. Alexis Barnes (Team Icarus)
2. Maddy Robinson (Velo Club Moulin)
3. Hannah Ferguson (Glentress Riders)

1. Gary McCrae (Leslie Bike Shop)
2. John McCaffrey (Leslie Bike Shop)
3. Alan Quinn (Glasgow United)

1. Angus Roger

Youth Boys:
1. Stuart Wilcox (i-cycles)
2. Ross Wilcox (i-cycles)
3. Tom Arnstein (Velo Ecosse)

Youth Girls:
1. Lucy Grant (Peebles CC/Alpine Bikes)
2. Catherine Angus (Carnegie Cyclones)
3. Wenna Hastings (Port Mor Wheelers)

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