Saturday, 9 October 2010


Message from the under 12s section

Looking forward to seeing lots of under 12 riders at Plean, however having tested the under 12 course with a range of children, we will not be accepting entries for riders:
on balance bikes
who need a parent to accompany them around the course
under 5 years old


Anonymous said...

After disappointing my 5 year old 2 days before the race that he wouldn't be riding because he's still a bit wobbly and help isn't allowed, we hear that children were getting help. He finds it all very difficult to understand why he was allowed to ride last year but now it's a problem. Could there be more consistency?

I really enjoyed the race today and the organisation was excellent but that's 2 weekends that Mitchell has been disappointed when he's been looking forward to the cross season as much as me.

Anonymous said...

We also intend to bring our nephew who is 5 to an event. Can we have some input from organisers from other events to establish which will and which wont allow under 5's ,so there is prior notice.

Great day today and noticed a great deal more organisation !

Many thanks to organisers and especially the marshals for all their support as most of them cheered me on on every lap!

Anonymous said...

hi folks - genuinely sorry your wee ones missed out. Agree its not ideal but we took the view that by making the course for kids longer this year the really little ones may not enjoy it and may be at risk from faster riders. hopefully next year we will be able to put a beginners race on that can keep everyone happy and safe. Did notice one parent on the course today for part of a lap and they shouldnt really have been there but it would have been mean to pull a wee one off the course.

Hope your kids arent too downhearted about it and we can learn for next year. thanks for suppporting the event and glad you had an enjoyable day otherwise.

Grant, organiser, sbc