Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Auchentoshan Timetable

Just a reminder that this weekend is the cyclocross race at Scotlands favourite course.

Here is the timetable for the event

9:00. Course open for practice.
9:45. Event registration for U12 closed.
9:50. Practice on U12 course closed.
9:50. Riders in U12 will be asked to assemble at start line.
10:00. U12 start. Distance will be 15min. or as close as possible.
10:20. Presentation for 1,2,3, boy and 1,2,3, girl. In U12 race.
10:20. Course open for practice.
10:30. U16 event registration closed.
10:35. Course closed for practice.
10:35. Riders in U16 will be asked to assemble at start line.
10:45. U16 start. Distance will be 30min. or as close as possible.
11:20. Presentation for 1,2,3. In U16 race.
11:20. Course open for practice.
11:30. Event registration for Jun/Vet/Woman closed.
11:35. Course closed for practice.
11:35. Riders in Jun/Vet/Woman will be asked to assemble at start line.
11:45. Jun/Vet/Woman start. Distance will be 40min. or as close as possible.
12:30. Presentation for 1,2,3. Jun. 1,2,3. Vet. 1,2,3. Woman.
12:30. Course open for practice.
12:45. Senior event registration closed.
12:50. Riders in Senior race will be asked to assemble at start line.
13:00 Senior race start. Distance will be 60min. or as close as possible.

here is the address and postcode
Auchentoshan School ,Mountblow Road, Glasgow, G81 4SW

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james craig said...

iwas involved & raced in the inaugural first scottish national cyclocross championship at auchintoshan in 1987 run by the glasgow united cc which i was a member. i have been away from the cycling game for about 15 years to long.ive been a delegate at the scu agm on behalf of G.U.C.C. too many restrictions at the scu committies & agms its time to come back and help fight the cyclo cross corner james g.u.c.c.