Thursday, 9 December 2010

Scottish Championships - UPDATE

Thanks for all the votes on whether to reschedule the Scottich Cyclocross Championships to late January. The results were overwhelming:

Yes: 134 (90%)
No: 14 (9%)


West Lothian Clarion Kids Club said...

Many Thanks for looking into rescheduling
Best wishes

andrewgturnbull said...

Will the race be open to new entries, who don't mind not being eligible for championship medals?

crosser nut said...

At the moment there would be no new entries BUT we have asked SC to reconsider this decision to allow new entries to be taken. We will keep you informed.

Hardie Bikes said...

If you won Andy you would not be pleased :)

chrisD said...

Late january would be very good, would also be very good if it were possible to get additional riders, though I can see the rational for not having them.

Anonymous said...

Please Santa, Let SC allow new entries for the scottish cross champs in late January as Im injured right now but will be ok by then!!!!
(Shane 'the elf' Lawton)