Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Tri Centre Competition

The Tri Centre, organisers of the first round of this year's series and long term supporters of Scottish Cyclocross, will be making the prize draw for a Ridley Crossbow bike this Saturday at 12:00. The more races you entered, the better the chance you have of winning! We'll post up the name of the lucky winner later on Saturday.

Many thanks to The Tri Centre for this very generous prize - make sure you drop in to their shop in Edinburgh or visit their website to check out their full range.

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Anonymous said...

Does it count that your kids race and will they be counted? I dont race cause I dont have a bike (I did oush my 4 year old round the Mull course if that counts :)- so............

Rich Park
Ellie (u12)
James (u8)