Sunday, 2 October 2011

Irvine - Results

Well done everyone who raced the first round of The Tri Centre Scottish Cyclocross Series in Irvine today and thanks to Walkers Cycling for kicking the series off in style.

Under 12s
Race 1 full results

Race 2 full results

1. Genevieve Whitson - Ronde
2. Maddy Robinson - Velo Club Moulin
3. Brenda Callander - Stirling Bike Club

Veteran Male
1. John McCaffery - Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows
2. Gary McRae - Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows
3. Steve Nicholson - Dunfermline Bike Club

Junior Male
1. Callum Foster - Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows
2. Sam Downing - Isle of Mull Cycling Club
Race 3 full results

Senior Male
1. Craig Hardie - Hardie Bikes
2. Colin May - Velo Club Edinburgh
3. Paul McInally - Rock and Road
Race 4 full results

If you spot any issues get in touch.


chrisD said...

awesome racing throughout the categories and splendid organisation from Walkers Cycling once more.

Anonymous said...

First time Cross Racing. Fantastic course, great folk & encouragement & a really well organised event. Paul J

Hardie Bikes said...

Fantastic event again :) well done to Walkers Cycling and all at SCX.

Jimmy Mac said...

Hey Guys.
I was between Rob Friel and Dougie Shearer.
I think that makes me 11th...

Sorry if its a hassle.

James McCallum

Anonymous said...


found your missing tag read and fixed it.


Douglas F Shearer said...

Martin Graham seems to be missing from the senior results. He should be in the top ten somewhere.

Jimmy Mac said...

You guys are supper.
Yeah i think Dougie could be right..


Anonymous said...

fixed that too, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very musc for organising a superb race - it was our first outing at cyclocross.
Just a few queries in the U12's race... sorry, I know how much of a pain it is!

1. Andrew Oxley is down as DNF, according to the times he finished a second before the winner and was told to stop so he did! Please will you give him a place.
2. Alex Ball is U10M not U8F

Many thanks


Jim_J said...

Great event thanks.
Also thank you for posting my Race License back to me, as I forgot to pick it up at the end. Doh!

Anonymous said...

updated the kids race results this morning.

Anonymous said...

Great course and very well run, but how long did it take to get all the sand out me bike... longer than the race, that's for sure! Looking forward to Plean now.

Stephen GMBC