Monday, 17 October 2011

Round 2 Plean Park Cyclocross results

Captain Davie floats over the hurdles - photo by bazzarrgh from

Round two of the 2011 Tri Centre SCX Series at Plean was MASSIVE! 270+ entrants and actual sunshine. Many thanks to all who turned up to race and spectate and help out.

Race 1 [under 12's] can be found here.

Race 2 results [Youth A & B] can be found here.

Race 3 results [Juniors, Women & Veteran Men] can be found here.

Race 4 results [Senior Men] can be found here.

If you spot anything that needs correction please get in touch via


Douglas F Shearer said...

Some corrections:

Senior position 7 - Paul Noguns? is Paul Newnham.
Senior position 22 - Looks like Mike happened to get picked up again, as he's also at position 17.

Amazing event, even with the conditions the course was a great one. Plean is deservedly one of the best attended of SCX rounds. Much thanks to Stirling Bike Club and their huge turnout of organisers and volunteers.

Chris_M said...

Cheers Dougie - I was struggling with smeary handwriting on the start sheets - Will get these updated.

- Chris

Donald said...

My first ever CX and really enjoyed it. Pretty sure I carried my bike further than it carried me tho ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have loads of guns ! that's why I can't climb hills !

Also it is Team lesie bike shop not ERC !

cheers Paul :)