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Scottish Cycling Cyclocross Championships - Start Lists

Entry lists for Sunday's Scottish Cycling Cyclocross Championships at Auchentoshan, Clydebank, promoted by Glasgow United Cycling Club.

Couple of issues being investigated, once resolved the lists below will be updated. If you think you've entered correctly, but your name doesn't appear then leave a comment on this article asap.

No entry on day.
You MUST bring your race licence along to sign-on. No Full Race Licence = no race!

Male Senior

No. Forename Surname Club / Team Name
1 Chris Bryson
2 Kevin Cannon
3 Euan Cleland Walkers Cycling Club
4 Stephen Couper Sandy Wallace Cycles
5 Andrew Cox www.TheBicycleWorks.com
6 Roger Crawford Tomac Monkeys
7 Graham Cruickshanks
8 Simon Fairfull
9 Charles Fletcher Cairngorm CC
10 David Griffiths Glasgow Whls
11 David Hamill Pedal Power RT
12 Matthew Hamilton Team Leslie Bike Shop - Right Move Windows
13 Craig Hardie www.Hardie-Bikes.com
14 Dave Henderson GT Racing UK
15 Stephen Jackson Glasgow United CC
16 Graham Johnston Team Leslie Bike Shop - Right Move Windows
17 Martin Johnston Rockhard Racing MTB Club
18 Graeme Kelly www.Hardie-Bikes.com
19 Scott Kerr Walkers Cycling Club
20 James Kinsella Glasgow Whls
21 Simon Kirkness www.TheBicycleWorks.com
22 Steven Liddle Square Wheels Cycles
23 David Lines Endura/Pedalpower Development Team
24 Steven Macinnes Isle of Mull C.C.
25 Tim Mackley Deeside Thistle CC
26 Colin May Velo Club Edinburgh
27 John McCallum Velo Club Moulin
28 John  McCracken Walkers Cycling Club
29 Richard McDonald Stirling Bike Club
30 Paul McInally Rock and Road Cycles
31 Gareth Montgomerie GT Racing UK
32 Andrew Pope Velo Club Moulin
33 Allan Pratt Rockhard Racing MTB Club
34 Niall Shannon Velo Club Edinburgh
35 Douglas Shearer Innerleithen MTB Racing/i-Cycles
36 David THomson Johnstone Wheelers CC
38 Steven Turbitt Glasgow United CC
39 Charles Vincent Walkers Cycling Club
40 Greig Walker Velo Club Moulin
41 Neil Walker Walkers Cycling Club
42 Andrew Wardman Velo Club Moulin
43 Dan Whitehead Ballater X
44 John Woodrow Sandy Wallace Cycles

Male Junior

No. Forename Surname Club / Team Name
2 Calum Foster Team Leslie Bike Shop - Right Move Windows
3 Sean Gordon Peebles CC
4 Craig Owen Ronde Bicycle outfiters
5 Gavin Shuttleworth Velocity 44 Stirling
6 Iain Paton Square Wheels Cycles
7 Tom Arnstein Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers
8 Stuart Wilcox Innerleithen MTB Racing/i-Cycles
9 Craig Wallace Ronde Bicycle outfiters
10 Tom Evans
11 Ayrton Pellet Edinburgh RC
12 Sam Downing Isle of Mull Cycle Club
13 Ross Green Stewartry Wheelers
14 Scott Lindsay Inners MTB Racing/I cycles
15 Marc Austin Fusion Triathlon Club
16 Stuart McCluskey Team Leslie Bike Shop - Right Move Windows


Junior, U23, Senior, Veteran Combined
No. Forename Surname Club / Team Name
17 Katy Winton The Kinesis Morvelo Project
18 Morven Brown Dales Cycles Racing Team Scotland
19 Eileen Roe Team Leslie Bike Shop - Right Move Windows
20 Mona Petrie Deeside Thistle CC
21 Maddy Robinson Velo Club Moulin
22 Lyndsey Carson Velo Club Moulin
23 Gillian Palmer Sandy Wallace Cycles
24 Ruth Fraser-Moodie Pedal Power RT
25 Elke Prasad Squadra Porcini
26 Ainsley Turbitt Glasgow United CC
27 Fiona Walker Walkers Cycling Club
28 Elizabeth Short Glasgow Triathlon Club
29 Fiona Paton Square Wheels Cycles
30 Aileen Scott Fusion Triathlon
31 Julie Nimmo Walkers Cycling Club
32 Anne Murray Square Wheels Cycles
33 Emily Holl Stirling Bike Club
34 Brenda Callander Stirling Bike Club
tbc Sian Tovey Dooley's-Cycles.co.uk

Male Veteran

No. Forename Surname Club / Team Name
1 Graeme Short Peebles CC
40 Alastair Little Perth United Cycling Club
41 David Lindsay www.TheBicycleWorks.com
42 Hans Forhaug Glasgow United CC
43 Brian Southcote Team 3GR
44 Gordon Bathgate Square Wheels Cycles
45 Simon Muir Velo Club Moulin
46 John Reid Stirling Bike Club
47 Ronald Barker Rockhard Racing MTB Club
48 Bruce Lees G3R
49 Oliver Samphier Stirling Bike Club
50 Steve Boyd Deeside Thistle CC
51 Andrew Blaikie
52 Tom Macdonald Lomond Roads CC
53 Mark Tandy Deeside Thistle CC
54 John Owen Bicycle Works
55 Michael Martin East Kilbride Road Club
56 Gordon Chisholm Perth United Cycling Club
57 Karl Povey
58 Norman Gillan Squadra Porcini
59 Gary McCrae Team Leslie Bike Shop - Right Move Windows
60 Andrew Melton Wolfpax Riders
61 Matthew Ball West Lothian Clarion CC
62 John McComisky Edinburgh RC
63 Gordon Dickson Rockhard Racing MTB Club
64 Franco Porco GJS Racing Team
65 Steve Nicholson Dunfermline CC
66 Alister Watt
67 John McCaffery Team Leslie Bike Shop - Right Move Windows
68 James Hendrie VC Glasgow South
69 Edd Shackley Glasgow Ivy CC
70 Gordon Traynor Spokes Racing Team
71 Willie Laithwaite Glasgow Ivy CC
72 Gordon Durnan G3R
73 James Melville Glasgow United CC
74 Barry McGuire Perth United Cycling Club
75 Ewen Riddell Deeside Thistle CC
76 Alan Quinn Glasgow United CC
77 Andrew Bell Dunfermline CC
78 Davie Graham Scottish Cyclo-Cross Association
79 Michael Nally Dunfermline CC
80 Paul McDonald Johnstone Wheelers CC
81 Stephen Field Stirling Bike Club
82 Scott Russell Walkers Cycling Club
83 Gary Beall Team Leslie Bike Shop - Right Move Windows
84 Neil Raitt Angus Bike Chain
85 Alan McLean Johnstone Wheelers CC
86 Philip Kelman Deeside Thistle CC
87 Chris Duncan Velo Club Moulin
88 Benny McLaughlin Rock And Road Cycles
89 Mark Barnett Team Leslie Bike Shop - Right Move Windows
90 Iain Mellis Velo Club Moulin
91 Iain Mellis Velo Club Moulin
92 Andrew Douglas Pedal Power RT
93 Howard Perkins
94 Graham Gauld Deeside Thistle CC
95 James Meek Team Leslie Bike Shop - Right Move Windows
96 Robert Bloor Edinburgh RC
97 Brendan Roe Team Leslie Bike Shop - Right Move Windows
98 James Jackson Dunfermline CC
99 Gregor Grant Square Wheels Cycles
100 Mike Ferguson Johnstone Wheelers CC
101 George Welch East Kilbride Road Club

Youth - U14 & U16

No. Forename Surname Club / Team Name
1 Catherine Angus Stirling Bike Club
2 Isla Short Peebles CC
3 Elena Melton Wolfpax Riders
4 Wenna Hastings Get Lost Collective
5 Erika  Allen Stirling Bike Club
6 Keira Johnston Glasgow Riderz
7 Emma Borthwick Edinburgh RC
8 Lulu Bartlett Edinburgh RC
9 Philipa Samphier Wallace Warriors
10 Eleanor Strathdee Edinburgh RC
11 Rhona Callander Stirling Bike Club
12 Erica Oxley West Lothian Clarion CC
13 Katie Allen Carnegie Cyclones
14 Jenny Holl Stirling Bike Club
15 Kate Macleod Glasgow Riderz
16 Sean Noon Edinburgh RC
17 Hamish Carrick Edinburgh RC
18 Conor Nally www.Hardie-Bikes.com
19 Alistair Merry Edinburgh RC
20 Matt Appelquist
21 Matthew Peters Stirling Bike Club
22 Jack Carlin Glasgow Riderz
23 Calum Magowan Stirling Bike Club
24 Rhys Donnelly Glasgow Riderz
25 Rory Mellis Discovery Junior Cycling Club
26 Mark McGuire Glasgow Riderz
27 Edward Fletcher Cairngorm CC
28 Ben Forsyth Edinburgh RC
29 Lewis Champion Perth United CC
30 Lewis Mulholland Johnstone Wheelers CC
31 Jamie Mason West Lothian Clarion CC
32 James Thomson Glasgow Riderz
33 Harry Johnston Glasgow Riderz
34 Jack Crombie Discovery Junior Cycling Club
35 John MacLeod Edinburgh RC
36 Calum Grant Peebles CC
37 Logan  Dow SBC Wallace Warriors
38 Michael Brocklebank www.Hardie-Bikes.com
39 calum shackley Glasgow Riderz
40 Lewis Stewart Glasgow Riderz
41 Andrew Merry West Lothian Clarion CC
42 Joseph Nally www.Hardie-Bikes.com
43 Jamie Blaikie
44 Tormod Doherty
45 Calum Fernie Edinburgh RC
46 Michael Hastings www.Hardie-Bikes.com
47 Danny Mulholland Johnstone Wheelers CC
48 Innes Johnston Glasgow Riderz

Youth A - Under 12

No. Forename Surname Club / Team Name
61 Robbie Quinn Glasgow Ivy CC
62 Thomas Aggleton Glasgow Riderz
63 William Aggleton Glasgow Riderz
64 Douglas Arthur Johnstone Wheelers CC
65 Alexander Ball West Lothian Clarion CC
66 Ewan Ballantyne Glasgow Riderz
67 James Ballantyne Glasgow Riderz
68 Ruth Blaikie
69 Maximilian Bloor Edinburgh RC
70 Rowan Buchanan Glasgow United CC
71 Ross Chisholm
72 Sam Chisholm West Lothian Clarion CC
73 Niamh Doherty
74 Freya Duncan Stirling Bike Club
75 Rory Duncan Stirling Bike Club
76 James Dunlop West Lothian Clarion
77 Ryan Ewing West Lothian Clarion
78 Robert Fernie Edinburgh RC
79 Ross Field Stirling Bike Club
80 Anna Flynn Edinburgh RC
81 Sean Flynn Edinburgh RC
82 Emma Forsyth Edinburgh RC
83 Murray Fotheringham
84 Findlay Gilmour West Lothian Clarion CC
85 Max Guthrie West Lothian Clarion CC
86 Sandy Holl Stirling Bike Club
87 Charlie Johnston Glasgow Riderz
88 Jamie Johnston Glasgow Riderz
89 Sorley Johnston Glasgow Riderz
90 Martin Johnstone West Lothian Clarion CC
91 Jonathan Kerr Stirling Bike Club
92 Hamish Maclaren Johnstone Wheelers CC
93 Abbie Mason West Lothian Clarion CC
94 Cameron Mason West Lothian Clarion CC
95 Finn Mason West Lothian Clarion CC
96 Rory McGuire Perth United Cycling Club
97 Cameron Mellis Discovery Junior Cycling Club
98 Katrina Miller Johnstone Wheelers CC
99 Louis Moore Edinburgh RC
100 Andrew Oxley West Lothian Clarion CC
101 Ellie Park Glasgow Riderz
102 Ewan Purves Stirling Bike Club
103 Robin Purves Stirling Bike Club
104 Anna Reid Stirling Bike Club
105 Callum Reid Stirling Bike Club
106 Kirsty  Reid Stirling Bike Club
107 Gregor Robb Glasgow Riderz
108 Keir Robb Peebles CC
109 Rhona Samphier Stirling Bike Club
110 Louis Savage Glasgow Riderz
111 Rosie Savage Glasgow Riderz
112 Anna Shackley Glasgow Riderz
113 Lewis Steele Johnstone Wheelers CC
114 Lusia Steele Johnstone Wheelers CC
115 Abby Stewart Glasgow Riderz
116 Fraser Thomson Glasgow Riderz
117 Andrew Turner West Lothian Clarion

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