Thursday, 3 November 2011

Strathclyde Park - Mighty Blue Train Cross


Anonymous said...

Great information and graphics, guys. Are you sure about the Youth Age categories? KennyS

Anonymous said...

Age categories match what's on the BC entry forms (I think) -

Anonymous said...

There does seem to be some confusion as there is a single page doc on the BC page similar to what's above but the SC Little Blue Book has the following

12.5.9 The following age categories and sub-categories may be recognised in Federation cyclo-cross events:
Under 12 Youth - Up to 31st August in the year of 12th birthday.

Youth - From 1st September in the year of 12th birthday to 31st August in the year of 16th birthday.

Youth U14 - From 1st September in the year of 12th birthday to 31st August in the year of 14th birthday.

The 31st August version also reflects what is on the BC Rulebook under Rule 5.9

martysavalas said...

From some advice we had from Scottish Cycling last year (so advance years by one).

"Youth U14
From 1st September in the year of
12th birthday to 31st August in the
year of 14th birthday"

This means that an U14 is so until 31st August in the year of their 14th birthday (so after 31/8 "in yr of 14th birthday" they move up a category). So for a cross season that starts in October - those that were racing as an U14 till August 31st will (this year - post 31/8) become an U16 if having a birthday anytime in 1996 (2010 will be the year of their 14th birthday).

This is the same rule as for all other category thresholds.

For me it's simple... Licences will have DOB on them, so riders...

93 & 94 = junior
95 & 96 = Yth A
97 & 98 = Yth B
99 & 00 = U12
01 & 02 = U10
03<. = U8

Anonymous said...

Myself and Guto debated for over 8mins on the ages and in the end thought we had it sussed... all we got out of it is we are both definitely VETS and our small brains cant take any more...So if you advance these by 1 our initial info is right???? HELP..

Michael EKRC

Reidy said...

We had the same discussions at Plean and even spoke to BC who were unable to help much (rules don't match reality)but did point us in the direction of the attched link,( it gives the catergories that BC are using this tear, basically next years road categories, this is the catergories that have been utilsed at the first three rounds of SCX series.

Hope ths helps

John SBC

jac said...

This is something that causes confusion every year!

Cyclocross is a bit special, as we all know, and basically the age categories should be next year's age categories.

The reason being, cyclocross really falls into next year i.e. we're currently in the 2011/2012 cyclocross season.

So, whatever category a rider would ride in next year is what they should ride in for cross this season. Sometimes, this will mean a youth rider riding in a category above that which they've raced in for all other races during 2011.

Very confusing!

Anonymous said...

Could it be suggested that at the start of season 2012 that a simple "born between 1st sept 200x and 31st aug 200x = U10" or something similar. surely this is easier than "its the age you will be next year if mars was in your solar chart just before christmas on your 2nd leap year birthday" The person doing this wouldn't have to be right, just as long as we all follow the same criteria....

Michael EKRC

martysavalas said...


Sorry, meant to post the advice we'd had from Mark at Scottish Cycling before the season started, but it made me feel a bit dizzy...

Easiest thing would be for the entire cycling world to move to to the AS (After Sven) calendar...