Thursday, 8 December 2011


In a first for Scottish Cyclocross, this weekend's Cross at the Castle races at Glengorm on Mull will be live streamed for your viewing pleasure.

Our top boffin, Stephen Turbitt of Glasgow United, has been working on this non-stop for weeks, pausing only to grow a terrifying fine moustache for Movember.

You can watch the action live online (on race days) at

You will need to log on with username “visitor” with no password. This will present you with a choice of ways to view:
  • ActiveX Mode (For IE Browser) – This is if you are using Internet Explorer web browser. In this function you can get sound and pictures – just click  listen to enable the sound. We apologise for any bad language but this is a camera in public so we can’t control everything that is broadcast. Sorry!
  • Server Push Mode (For FireFox, Google Browser) – This is for people using FireFox or Google Chrome. This is a faster feed but audio is not available. We suggest you play some suitable banging tunes to listen to while watching.
  • Mobile Phone (For Browser that supports Javascript) – This is the simplest way to view and will work on almost all platforms but the feed can be slow and it doesn’t have an audio view.

Check race times for Saturday and Sunday for the best times to view.

While viewing it would be appreciated if you didn’t play about with the panning or camera settings. This is still experimental so please bear with us as we battle with the inevitable technical issues. If this works we can look at improving the system for next year, so please leave your feedback below.


Team Y Cycling Blog said...

This is genius, what a brilliant idea, I wish you guys and galll all the best for Mull, almost as good as being there, get in.
Peace John McComisky

Anonymous said...

I'm afriad I'm only getting 2frames per minute and a very pale washed out picture. That's using the mobile mode.
Jim J

Anonymous said...

Tried all morning with all settings on different devices. Generally times out, sometime get player but no picture. On mobile get very over exposed static picture only

Anonymous said...

Me too, nice try but looks like a bandwidth issue. I got the best results with MSIE after installing the ActiveX plugin (say 6 frames per min), but even that small download was timing out all morning. Picture looked washed out but improved a bit later in the day.
Got snippets of Jammie's commentary in between big gaps.
Jim J

martysavalas said...

Thanks for feedback. Bandwidth problems today scuppered getting.

Steven's going to try again tomorrow.