Thursday, 27 September 2012

Use of Video Equipment in Scottish Cycling Events

Scottish Cycling have been in touch about the use of video equipment in races they sanction - this applies across the board and not just for cyclocross.

Here's what they said:
Whilst it is recognised that in these technologically advanced times, the use of electronic/digital mechanisms to record and evaluate your performance whilst training and competing is becoming easier and more widespread. It must be understood that there is as always a line to be drawn between the acceptable and unacceptable use of such equipment whilst competing.

All riders and officials are reminded that the line that exists is drawn for the safety of all participants. Basically any extraneous item not directly related to the function of the machine is prohibited by our regulations and must be removed in competition.  The exception historically is the bike computer (which these days can record, in addition to time and speed such things as rider heart rate, wattage output and the many functions of a GPS unit).

Other items used to record, such as any video/image recording system, any playback system in the rider’s ear or any other device which may inhibit the riders control of the machine, or distract the rider from his/her immediate surroundings and situation is expressly forbidden in competition.

No rider should attempt to, or be allowed to, take part in any competition whilst using any such device.  In the case of a rider recording a competition and subsequently publishing the recording on a media stream such as YouTube, the rider’s performance can be nullified and other sanctions can be taken as is usual when a breach of regulations occurs.

The race officials, Scottish Cycling, British Cycling and the UCI would all be failing in the duty of care to their members if they allowed such use.

For their own safety and protection any competitor should immediately notify the relevant race official if they observe a fellow competitor endangering them in this way.

In a nutshell –

Bike computer is acceptable.  Anything else is not.

Please contact Scottish Cycling directly if you would like to comment on this -

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