Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Results from Callander Cross

Full Results from Callander Cross

First event of the 2012 TriCentre Scottish Cyclocross Series. Bright autumn sunshine and some good racing for all on a well received course.

Full results Race 1.
Full results Race 2.
Full Results Race 3
Full Results Race 4

If you have queries or corrections then please mail me the details to the.timing.guys@gmail.com  and I'll take a look. If anyone knows who riders 3 and 67 were in Race 4 please let me know - I cannot see their  names on the signon sheets!

RACE 1 [Under 12s] 

U12 Boys

1 Jamie Johnstone        --Glasgow Riderz
2 Callum Reid        --Stirling Bike Club
3 Rory McGuire        --Perth United CC

U12 Girls

1 Anna Shackley        --Glasgow Riderz
2 Anna Flynn        --Edinburgh RC
3 Ishbel Strathdee        --Edinburgh RC

RACE 2 [Youth A/B - Under 16/14]

U16 Boys

1 Edward Fletcher        --Cairngorm CC
2 Conor Nally        --www.Hardie-bikes.com
3 Jamie Mason        --West Lothian Clarion CC

U16 Girls

1 Philippa Samphire        --Wallace Warriors
2 Keira Johnston        --Glasgow Riderz

U14 Boys

1 Stephen Dent        --Nevis Cycles Racing Team
2 Joseph Nally        --www.Hardie-bikes.com
3 Sean Flynn        --Edinburgh RC

U14 Girls

1 Ellie Park        --Glasgow Riderz
2 Jenny Holl        --Stirling Bike Club
3 Elanor Strathdee    --Edinburgh RC / MCRT

Race 3 [Vet Male, Women and Juniors]

Vet Male

1 Gary McCrae        --Leslie Bike Shop / Right Move Windows
2 Franco Porco        --Leslie Bike Shop / Right Move Windows
3 John McCaffery        --Leslie Bike Shop / Right Move Windows
4 Gordon Dickson        --Rockhard MBC
5 James Melville        --Glasgow United CC


1 Ruth Fraser-Moodie        --Pedal Power RT
2 Maddie Robinson        --Velo Club Moulin
3 Brenda Callander        --Stirling Bike Club

Junior Men

1 Iain Paton        --Ben Wyvis Bike Club
2 Calum Foster        --Leslie Bike Shop / Right Move Windows
3 Sean Gordon        --Glasgow Couriers

Race 4 [Senior Men]

1 Rab Wardell        --Alpine Bikes Racing
2 David Lines        --PedalPower Endura
3 Rob Friel    --XCracer.com
4 Colin May        --VeloClub EDinburgh
5 Paul McNally        --Rock & Road Cycles


Gary T said...

Yep, superb. And my family loved the park. One suggestion to organisers is to have 2 registration queues, one for pre-reg and the other for on-the-day, (I'm sure you'll say; 'please as many as poss pre-enter'). All the best with the rest of the Series. The SCX is looking so brilliantly healthy on so many levels. Well done all.

Anonymous said...

Can details of a suitable person at scottish cycling please be provided so as to discuss with them the new , "bung all U12's in together" concept. Organisers today stated it was not their desire or decision so I dont wish to detract from their efforts. However this matter needs to be addressed. Keith.

Anonymous said...

Hello - any idea when the full results will be posted?

Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes a brilliant day yesterday, great course and they even arranged the weather. I agree with the comments about U12s. They, more than anyone, need the recognition. 6 year olds can not compete with 12 year olds. Wheres the incentive to travel to Mull? Older kids grasp the concept of being at the bottom of their age bracket and know their time will come but what 6 year old is going to keep coming for 6 years with out getting close to a win? Yes I will be contacting SC about it and def do not want to detract from a great day. thanks to the organisers.

the riders said...

Yesterday was a great welcome to two new riders to cyclocross and we will be back. The encouragement from the crowd certainly helped from the off to the end.


Anonymous said...

Just in echo of the earlier comments - top marks to the organisers, but the lack of subdivision in the Under-12s race really needs addressed!

By all means have one race with seperate classes, and I take the point that it's meant to be "a fun introduction to racing"... but are we trying to ENCOURAGE the younger ones, or simply using them as potential road-kill for their elders?

I'd be grateful if this can be taken higher if it can't be addressed at a local level... bottom line: it ain't fair.

All else aside, a sincere thanks again for a superb day out!


Anonymous said...

Am I correct in thinking that the top three placed riders were not the oldest competitors in the race? WhIle I can understand that a 4 year old cannot fairly race a 12 year old, some people are making a huge assumption about age and ability here.
Also, in my experience, the kids seem to quickly gauge who their main rivals are after a few races, and so can pit themselves against each other just by looking at the overall race results. The whole age category placings can become a bit meaningless when there is a very fast 8 year old beating a slower 11 year old, yet the 11 year old 'wins' their age bracket.
I wonder how many of the people crying out for all the categories to be acknowledged because it is 'so important' to the kids are actually expressing how important it is to them, and they are living vicariously though their kids' results. Get some perspective. If your kids are good and committed, they will do well regardless, and carry on into the league races. But lots of kids just get a buzz from attending the races, seeing their friends and getting muddy and tired out. Then they get to eat loads of chocolate and watch their aging parents make a fool of themselves riding the adult races.

Keith said...

Many thanks for posting the results with age groups listed. Have made up lists below based on this info. I spotted a couple of riders i know who were in wrong category and have adjusted accordingly, if you have any further info on what category the listed riders should have been in post and I'm sure the moderator would assist with a wee update.

U12's Male

1 Jamie Johnston Glasgow Riderz
2 Callum Reid Stirling Bike Club
3 Rory McGuire Perth United
4 Keir Robb Unattached
5 Sandy Holl Stirling Bike Club
6 Douglas Archer Johnstone Jets
7 Rory Duncan Wallace warriors
8 Ewan Purves Stirling Bike Club
9 Sorley Johnston Glasgow Riderz
10 Murray McNeish Wallace Warriors
11 Max Guthrie West Lothian Clarion
12 Alexander Ball West Lothian Clarion
13 Andrew Oxley West Lothian Clarion
14 Murray McFadden West Lothian Clarion
15 Robert Brewer Glasgow Riderz
16 Blair Kemp Clydesdale Colts
17 Ross Field Wallace Warriors
18 Ruaridh MacKenzie Unattached
19 Geo Robertson Carnegie Cyclones
20 Adrian Carlin Clydesdale Colts
21 Murray Thompson Dundee Cyclones
22 Aidan Wilson West Lothian Clarion
23 Findlay Wheeler Walkers Cycling Club
24 Ruaridh Griffths Carnegie Cyclones
DNF Alexander Dent Nevis Cycles
DNF Adam Hazle Johnston Jets

Under 12's Female

1 Anna Shackley Glasgow Riderz
2 Anna Flynn Edinburgh Road Club
3 Ishbel Strathdee Edinburgh Road Club
4 Abby Stewart Glasgow Riderz
5 Eva Barnes ERC / MCRT
6 Emma Forsyth ERC / MCRT
7 Shona Samphier Wallace Warriors
8 Jade Robertson Carnegie Cyclones
9 Eilidh McFadden West Lothian Clarion
10 Leah Blake West Lothian Clarion CC
11 Kirsty Reid Stirling Bike Club
12 Claire McNeish Wallace Warriors
13 Anna Reid Stirling Bike Club

U10's Male
1 Hamish Maclaren Johnstone Jets
2 Gregor Robb Glasgow Riderz
3 Sam Chisholm West Lothian Clarion CC
4 Robin Purves Stirling Bike Club
5 Andrew Turner West Lothian Clarion CC
6 Andrew Leinster Tay Titans
7 James Dunlop West Lothian Clarion
8 Lewis Savage Glasgow Riderz
9 Rory Martin West Lothian Clarion CC
10 Cameron Gilland Johnstone Jets
11 Niall Carlin Clydesdale Colts
DNF Ryan McGuire Squadra Porcini

U10's Female

1 Abbie Mason West Lothian Clarion CC
2 Katherine Macleod Edinburgh Road Club

U8's Male

1 Finn Mason West Lothian Clarion CC
2 Fraser Thompson Glasgow Riderz
3 Cian McCrickard Tay Titans
4 Finlay Turner West Lothian Clarion CC
5 Ross Chisholm West Lothian Clarion CC
6 Finlay Walker Walkers Cycling Club
7 Ben Allan Red Kite Cycles

DNF Reece McWhinnie Unattached

U8's Female

1 Imani Pereira Glasgow Riderz
2 Kasha Butz Glasgow Riderz
3 Stella Robb Glasgow Riderz
4 Ellie Fraser Glasgow Riderz
5 Beth McCrickard Tay Titans

Anonymous said...

Are the results for the male and female vets going to be sorted out into age categories ? 40-44, 45-50 etc ?

martysavalas said...

>Are the results for the male and female vets going to be sorted out into age categories ? 40-44, 45-50 etc ?


sturbitt said...

In between all these negative comments I fear we have missed out on thanking Chris and Jac and others involved for their efforts on the day. Also giving up their own time in the following evenings to collate, ratify and categorise the results in order to get the standings published in good time. I understand from someone who has helped organise an event how much work happens behind the scenes both before and after the event and appreciate the work and effort put in by everyone. Let’s not lose the focus of the spirit of Scottish Cyclocross, get out there and get involved.

euan said...

Well said Steven

crosser nut said...

Having spoken to the organisers of last weekends event, the timing people and next weeks organiser the common theme from all if them is that under 12 racing just isn't worth the hassle. 99 per cent of the complaints come from this category with the complainers very quick to criticise but very slow to help out with solutions. Well done to Keith for taking the time to sort out the under 12 categories, the timing bods don't have the time to do this as they are doing this as a labour of love as well as every organiser and marshall.
It is disappointing to see that the big clubs with attached junior sections have decided not to offer to organise a round of the series this year and it is left to those who either have no club behind them or a club with no junior section to provide an entry level into cycle participation.
Why don't those that want a more structured under 12s events get in touch with me to see what can be done, stand alone events on a Saturday with separate races for each category at the same venues? The same thing but using school playing fields? Keep these local and that will negate parents having to travel too far. Scottish cycling coaches don't look st the results for under 12s to see who is performing well. And then have a FUN event on the Sunday at a series event? Use it as a leg loosener from the previous days exertions?
I am aware this is a very emotive subject but can we please keep comments relevant and impersonal otherwise they will be turned off.



Endorphinix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keith said...

Davie, that was a good post, and some brainstorming to develop ways to make a success of this age group sounds like the way forward.

If its the case that the bigger youth orientated clubs haven't come forth then maybe it is time for a bit of a rethink on the structure for these events.

If it would be of use I would be happy to volunteer to sort out the results for the U12s at each event, even if I can't make it personally. I realize that this is a relatively small part of what is a huge effort from organizers to create and run these events.

As I've already admitted my first post was a bit abrasive and I did pick up wrongly on who posted a less than useful web address as a contact to sort this out at BC level.

To Franco, Chris and Jac, for that I'm sorry, and and all the other people who made it what it was the resulting detraction from the quality event has been a shame and I feel somewhat responsible for that, although I am positive the same point would have been raised by someone else, possibly more diplomatically.

I want to reiterate my thanks to the organizers and volunteers for all aspects of the event.

This discussion has highlighted a real need for volunteers and if anything positive can come from this it may be that parents will see this and more help may be forthcoming.

Being shot down for being "vicariously living through the lives of their children" will do nothing to encourage any parent to come forward to help.

It would be worth the organizers posting a wee request for help ahead of the event and chatting to parents at sign on.

I will happily commit to helping at the events I can physically attend due to working shifts. Despite including many positive things in previous posts it is often the negatives that are remembered and re-commented on. As is the way of forums this can lead to a downward spiral.

The only thing I can suggest is that if 99% of complaints come from this category there must be some people out there who have a care for what's going on, and although it is easy to complain and then do nothing I hope that there is potential to recruit in a positive way from these people, and to build on the success of previous years increase in youth rider numbers.

Its possible that parents feel a little uninformed. Maybe a point of contact and or some consistency between events will help. This dialogue has already put more information into the public domain than I can remember in the last few years. Maybe SCX have been shouldering too great a load, but the problem has been working out a way to successfully and reliably share that.

Davie, if I can communicate with you we could maybe try to organize a mailing list to help keep people aware of the need for volunteers at events.

To the organizers, dont' see me as and other parents as an opposition force, with the right engagement this could be a way forward.

Don't let go of these events just yet. It's only the 1st event and I'm confident things can improve. The introduction of a £5 fee might be what's necessary to cover the cost of purchasing extra equipment eg, separate race numbers to help with logistics which would all ease the burden.

Many thanks

crosser nut said...

Hi Keith,

My email address is scottishcyclocross AT gmail DOT com

Anyone else with ideas on how to move this forward but don't want to post on here feel free to drop me a mail and let's see what we can do.