Sunday, 16 December 2012

2012 Santa Cross World Championships - Glengorm Castle Mull

SantaCross Action from the Flickr archives of Trogg66

Your new SantaCross World Champions are:

Mr Santa Claus: Rob Friel
Mrs Santa Claus: Morven Brown
Mr Santa Claus, Senior: Gordon Dickson
Young Master Claus: Lewis Champion
Young Miss Claus: Emma Borthwick

Full race results are here:

Race 1 - U12
1st Rory McGuire
2nd Lucas Whitehead
3rd Callum Reid
4th Rhona Samphier
5th Sandy Holl
6th Niamh Doherty
7th Ishbel Strathdee
8th Ewan Purves
9th Keir Robb
10th Jack Nelson
11th Alexander Quinn
12th Marlon Whitehead
13th Robin Purves
14th Connel Baxter

Race 2 - Youth U14 and U16

Race 3 - Women, Veteran and Junior men

Race 4 - Seniors

Thanks to everyone who turned out this weekend to help, ride and spectate : )

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Cheers for a fun weekend! I have put a gallery of images here: