Thursday, 13 June 2013

Scottish Cycling - Strategic Business and Governance Review

Scottish Cycling have been carrying out a strategic business and governance review recently in association with strategic management consultants Renaissance and Company.

Click the following link to read the report - Strategic Business and Governance Review - lots of interesting stuff in the report which will hopefully shape the future of cycle sport in Scotland over the coming years.

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Dave Hamill said...

They certainly didn't pull any punches. I liked a lot of what I read there. Reading between the lines I got this:

- The organisation has suffered from a lack of proper leadership for many years.
- They don't work in partnership with other cycling bodies (I've always thought this) for a common goal. Instead they seek to protect their own position.
- They like to make it look like they're building strategic partnerships but in reality they are doing little more than slapping logos on documents.

Personally my only issue there is that they've stuck CX in with MTB when I think it fits better with road in development terms. It's a fine line though.

Anonymous said...

its something (cyclo-cross) that we could be good at as a nation...however bneware it falling between two stoools bearing in mind it doesn't feature in medals at commie or olympics...CX will need to shout louder than other disciplines