Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Scottish Cyclocross Association AGM 2013 - Minutes

Minutes of the Scottish Cyclocross Association Annual General Meeting
Stirling, July 31 2013

Jammy Johnston
Davie Graham
Martin Steele
Chris Marquis
Howard Perkins
Andrew Bell
Ainsley Turbitt
Steven Turbitt
James Melville
Euan Lindsay
Bob MacFarlane
Dougie Shearer
Paul Newnham
Dave Hamill
Russell Stout
Nigel Holl

Jac Marquis
Simon Kirkness
Mark Young
Jim Cameron

Chairs Report
Jammy thanked everyone for coming and opened the meeting with a vote of thanks to Jac and Chris for their sterling work in manning the timing system for the last while. He raised the issues of Pre entry, First Aid and lack of officials at some events. He hoped that the next season would be as good as the previous ones and that the growth that had been evident would continue.

Treasurers Report
This was delivered by Davie as Jac couldn't make it so questions were limited. A profit and Loss account was produced which showed that the Association had made a profit of £642.96 from the previous season.

Election of Committee
Jammy- Chair proposer DG 2nder DH
Davie Graham- secretary proposer JM 2nder HP
Jac - Treasurer proposer CM 2nder MS

Voted on as members without portfolios:
Euan Lindsay
Marty Steele
Steven Turbitt
Ainsley Turbitt
James Melville
John McComisky

Timing System
Chris Marquis gave a quick presentation on last seasons system but said that he was unable to commit to this seasons races. DG said that with CMs blessing he had spoken with Mark Young who had set up his own timing company. This was discussed and it was agreed that Steven Turbitt would liase with MY to see what was on offer. It was agreed that SCX would operate at a loss this year to subsidise the timing system, to minimise this a renewed fundraising drive would be implemented.

UPDATE - MY has been offered the contract to time the seasons races and SCX are paying £350 a race to him and the organiser is paying the rest of his costs.

Under 12s Races
It was noted that this is usually the most contentious part of the day for the event organisers and people felt that parents should step up more to help. NH stated that most would be willing to. The committee asked BM if Scottish Cycling could help out. BM said no but he would ask the local clubs with a youth branh for help. NH said that it was hard for their only to be one race as the vast difference in ages meant that a fast 11 year old who could race on the track was in the same event as a 4 year old getting pushed round on a balance bike. It was agreed that there should be two races an under 8s and an under 12s.

ACTION - SC to liaise with clubs, SCX to split races

Splitting of Women/Vet 50/Juniors race away from Vet 40
It was felt that there were too many riders in this category last year and the racing was suffering, the committee proposed to split out the above to make better racing for everyone. PN had concerns about the Juniors not getting a good race but these were alayed by the committee. It was also agreed to start a Womens Vet 40 category

ACTION - SCX to adopt another race with V50/W/J separate from the Vet 40 class and Womens Vet 40

Series Prizes
DG said that due to the difficult times there had been a dearth of sponsors willing to put up prizes and that this year there had been none. It was recognised that the series winners last year hadn't had any time on a podium for various reasons. This was to be addressed at the first race of the season this year. It was felt that the series winners should get something to show for their efforts and a sum of money will be put aside for this season if no sponsor is found for trophies.

ACTION - SCX to acknowledge series winners from last season at Auchentoshan

Equipment Purchases
It was agreed to replace the original stakes with another 200. A small charge was to be introduced to non series events for their hire unless they purchased some also.

UPDATE - it was agreed by the committee to buy some clothing to sell to try and offset the loss from this coming season timing payments.

Scottish Cycling and SCX
It was felt that SC were doing very little to help the association to promote or help at the events. BM said that SC paid for the officials, it was pointed out that it was an SC edict that required so many officials. DG had spoken with some organisers who had said that if the series went to a different insurer they would be very wary of holding an event. It was agreed to continue with SC for the meantime.

ACTION - BM agreed to get a list of commissaires to the event organisers ASAP

Jammy closed the meeting and wished everyone a safe journey home

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