Sunday, 22 December 2013

Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series Posters by Uisgeanach

Jim Cameron's brilliant series of posters for the Ridley Bikes Scottish Cyclocross Series are now available in printed form.

Jim is printing a limited run of these in Glasgow on high quality 190gsm satin poster paper. All profits are to go into  BELLACX - a new race he's planning for 2014 in Ballahouston Park.

Full SCX Series (700mm x 500mm)  £35
Individual races (290mm square) £20

Drop Jim an email by 31st December to place an order and follow him on Twitter for updates - @uisgeanach

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Jim Cameron said...

Cheers Marty!
Just to clarify the £35 print is a large print of the SCX series (not quite the full set of posters. i.e. not the non-series races) though all posters are a available as individual prints (290mm square).
Cheers Jim