Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tonight - Lovecross, Peebles!

Brand new for 2015, Love Cross is an exciting, fun packed, rip-roaring, urban cyclocross inspired event based in the heart of Peebles. Building on the success of the popular Peebles Sprint, Love Cross takes the best elements and hurls them into a non-stop, action packed, open to all, battle for the podium. Almost as exciting to watch as it is to enter, but only almost.

The spectacle begins with a Le Mans style start along the High Street before competitors get on their bike to face the course ahead – the course will utilise Peebles High Street, Tweed Green and the steps and alley ways running between the two. A mixture of fast open sprints, tight corners, steps, cobbles, paving, man made berms, sand pits and multiple line choices.  The route will be entirely on tarmac, there will be a fair amount of climbing on and off the bike and running on the tarmac so please wear shoes that you’ll be happy running in! Whilst this event means business, and there’s a podium to reach for, it’s really all about the fun. There’s nothing the average rider can’t tackle and getting off and running is all part of the plan! Riders can face the course on any type of bike, each having its own advantages and shortfalls. The short, fast paced action will leave you desperate for more.

If you’re not riding get trackside to cheer the competitors on. Soak up the atmosphere and get the cowbells at the ready!

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